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Sanctions not squeezing Iran: Leader
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c_330_235_16777215_0_http___www.tehrantimes.com_images_stories_jan02_10_01.jpgTEHRAN - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that the enemies assume that Iran is in a desperate economic situation, but they are totally mistaken.  

The Leader made the remarks in an address to thousands of people from the Iranian province of Qom at a meeting in Tehran on Monday. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said, “Contrary to the assumptions and analyses of the hegemonistic bloc, the Islamic Republic’s establishment is not only not in the situation (Muslims experienced in) Shib Abi Talib but also it is in the situation (they experienced in the battles of) Badr and Kheibar.” 

In 617 CE, the polytheists of Mecca declared a public boycott against the clan of Banu Hashim in order to compel them to withdraw their protection from Prophet Muhammad (S). It became a source of great trouble for the Muslims, and they were forced to migrate to an area called Shib Abi Talib, where they suffered hunger. The boycott was ended in 619 CE since it did not achieve its purpose. 

Badr and Kheibar were two battles in which the Muslims defeated the polytheists.  

In the meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “Western officials have repeatedly said that the purpose of sanctions and pressures on Iran is to exhaust and drive the people off the scene and to compel officials to reconsider their calculations, but they are mistaken and will not achieve their goals since these discredited people who make miscalculations assume that the Islamic system is in the situation of Shib Abi Talib.”   

The Iranian nation has gloriously achieved many victories, which the domineering powers have witnessed, he said, adding, “The hegemonistic bloc is making efforts to sap the resolve of the people and officials and force them off the scene through making them afraid of sanctions.” 

“Weakness and desperation have now taken the place of the hegemonistic bloc’s delusions of grandeur over the years,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.  

Turnout for parliamentary election will deal a blow to enemies

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader commented on Iran’s next parliamentary election, which will be held on March 2, and said, “Through divine grace, the people’s turnout for the upcoming Majlis election, as one of the manifestations of the people’s (participation) in (determining) the country’s destiny, will be an enthusiastic and enemy-destroying turnout, and all officials and candidates have a responsibility to pave the way for a sound and competitive election through full commitment to the law.”     

For a very long time, the domineering powers and their “lackeys” have made extensive efforts to “depress the people’s turnout for Majlis elections,” he stated.   

The United States, Britain, and the Zionist regime are trying to undermine the Majlis election, he added. 

Ayatollah Khamenei also said that elections revitalize the Islamic establishment, but there are certain dangers on the path which the people should avert through vigilance. 

“Elections are a manifestation of the people’s presence and their results are a manifestation of the people’s demand and their votes, and all should respect them,” he added.  
In addition, Ayatollah Khamenei commented on the political unrest that occurred after the Iranian presidential election of June 2009, saying that after every election, there are people who protest against the results and “in such a situation, the law has determined the path. But in the (13)88 election, some took the path of flouting the law, inflicting losses on the country and the people, heartening the enemy, and carrying out the enemy’s intended plans. However, they got nowhere since the people were present on the scene, and as long as the people are on the scene, no one in the country can advance illegal moves.”   

He also called on the authorities in charge of running the election, including the Interior Ministry and the Guardian Council, to make the utmost efforts to safeguard the votes of the people and to be aware that “no one is above the law.”  

He added that over the past 32 years, more than 30 clean elections have been held in the country, all of which reflected the people’s votes.   

All eyes are on Iran’s next parliamentary election, Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

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