Heydar Soheyli Isfahani

Children riding on elephant back

July 19, 2016

Some 20 years ago when I first translated to Persian a book about the activities of Israeli lobbies in various state bodies in the United States, including Congress, many readers found it amazing and unbelievable the devotion of many congressmen to Tel Aviv’s policies and interests. 

The ones that could not even digest a phenomenon called lobby in the legislative body were in disbelief when they realized that sometimes some American congressmen put all their effort in ratifying a bill or amending a law that obviously is not in the interest of the United States and even can cause irreparable damages to their country. 

With the continuation of this trend, the vast and eye catching influence of the Israeli lobby, now the situation is even much worse. The red carpet welcome that congressmen give to the Israeli lobbyists while trying to satisfy their demands, is for being reelected to the Congress for next term; and maybe I can bravely use the vulgar sentence that all these congressmen do such acts in order to get paid and reelected.

To make it more clear, at a time of economic depression and meltdown and while the United States needs more income and resources, for some congressmen, blocking a 25-billion dollar deal between Iran and Boeing Company, based on childish excuses is very easy. They only seek to put a smile of pleasure on the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They do not care if such a big business deal benefits a rival country. 

The significance of Netanyahu’s smile is so important that some congressmen, who actually appear American, order the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to come to Congress to ask him: “Mr. Kerry! Did you call the Israeli Prime Minister naive?” And when Mr. Secretary, puzzled and astoundingly mutters, the congressman once again, with an imperious tone that the congressmen used to ask about the “Pearl Harbor” dossier, reiterates: “Did you or did not?” To avoid impeachment the minister, with a fallen head, replies: “No! I did not!”

The story doesn’t end with these romantic gestures. A large portion of people across the world find it hard to believe when they notice Congress ratifies major financial, economic and military aid to a regime that is smaller than many American cities. While a large number of people in many U.S. cities are unemployed or live in poverty the government has not been able to gain the unconditional agreement of Congress to provide social welfare for citizens. However when it comes to fundraising and collecting money for Israel, the same Congress acts completely in a different manner and collects money for Israel. It brings excuses for its own nation and raises the issue of lack of budget to help the needy.

And again the same Congress, with a hint from Tel Aviv, seeks to create chaos and crises in the Middle East. The crises that have cost the U.S. dearly, putting 700 billion dollars on the shoulders of the American taxpayers, jeopardizing the U.S. economy and putting it on the verge of collapse. Again the move has no winner except Tel Aviv.

The same Congress is blocking the way of implementing the nuclear accord that was reached between Iran and the E3+3 group of states last year. It is worth mentioning that it was the Congress that had initiated and put forward the case to compromise with Iran in a peaceful manner in order to resolve the issue. Congress is now trying to satisfy Israel by neglecting the nuclear agreement. The surprising issue is that it does not mind if the reputation of the U.S. is damaged in case the agreement fails. For them the most important thing is to keep the Israeli lobby satisfied and collect money for future campaigns. 

For many people across the globe it is very hard to realize that issues that could be referred to as treason and can cause indictment of a person in his own country, is just a deal for election and whenever and wherever anything relates to money, then it turns to be legal!