Radio festival’s foreign guests visit Jamaran

May 16, 2006
TEHRAN (MNA) -- The foreign guests of the 7th International Radio Programs Festival, which is to open in Zibakenar today, visited the house of the founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini, in Jamaran Hosseiniyeh on May 14.

The guests are from the Netherlands, South Africa, Iraq, Russia, and several other countries.

The house curator told the visitors about the personality, manner, virtues, and life of Imam Khomeini.

Afterwards, they paid a visit to the Jamaran Gallery, where they saw photos of Imam Khomeini.

Shahram Gilabadi, the secretary of the festival’s international section, delivered a speech to the visitors in which he said that Iran is one of the pioneers of art and civilization.

The guests also visited the Golestan Palace and the National Museum of Iran.

The 7th International Radio Programs Festival is being held in the city of Zibakenar in northern Iran and runs until May 18.