Dutch pull spies on Iran attack fears

August 31, 2008 - 0:0

-- The Dutch AIVD secret service has had an ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years that was halted in connection with plans for a U.S. attack on Iran.

The respected newspaper De Telegraaf reported Friday the ""ultra-secret operation"" had as its aim infiltration and sabotage of the weapons industry in the Islamic Republic.
""The operation, described as extremely successful, was halted recently in connection with plans for an impending U.S. air attack on Iran. Along with this, targets would also be bombed which were connected with the Dutch espionage action,"" writes the Netherlands' biggest newspaper.
""One of the agents involved, who was able to infiltrate the Iranian industry under the supervision of the AIVD, was recently recalled because the U.S. was thought to be making a decision within weeks to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft.
Among the potential targets were said to be not only nuclear plants, but also military installations that have been brought to light partly by the agency of the AIVD,"" according to the newspaper.
""Information from the AIVD operation has in recent years been shared with the American CIA secret service,"" the paper continued. ""Various supplies could also be sabotaged and stopped. These were parts for missiles and launching equipment.""
The article was written by Joost de Haas, known for his good contacts in the intelligence world. Earlier, he got hold of an AIVD report which suggested that corrupt powers within Dutch police corps supplied weapons to criminals to liquidate other criminals.
(Source: Press TV)