Iran vs. U.S. is not a political game, Matic says

August 31, 2010 - 0:0

ISTANBUL - Iran basketball coach Veslin Matic said that the game against the U.S is not a political match.

Iran will play the U.S. in Group B of the FIBA World Championship on Wednesday.
“The match between Iran and the U.S is not a political game. Both teams are here for playing good and getting ready for the 2010 Asian Games,” Matic said.
“Everybody talks about the Iran- U.S match. In my opinion, this match is like the other matches. Basketball is just a game and it is not political at all,” the Serb added.
“Iran participated in FIBA World Championship to make its dreams come true. That’s why we took part in the event,” Matic concluded.
Iran is in Group B along with the U.S., Croatia, Brazil, Slovenia and Tunisia. The Iranian team has lost to Brazil and Croatia so far