No more Wellington House propagandas

February 16, 2016 - 0:0

There is no doubt Syria harbors a special place in the media as one of the most mentioned conflicts that has had a huge effect on the entire world either directly or indirectly. There have been many attempts to get each side to a ceasefire in the country, yet no concrete solution has been reached thus far. Certainly, Turkey and Iran, two important players in the region would and could play a vital role to bring peace in the region, but only if they reconcile on some of the misunderstood points vis-a-vis the future of Syria.

Regrettably, there has recently been a surge in propaganda trying to drive a wedge between Turkey and Iran. According to some prominent media organizations, Iran’s believes that Turkey is financially aiding some terrorist organizations. This notion turns the situation into a quagmire, and what’s more is that there is very strong Iranian public perception that Turkey is on the side of Saudi Arabia in the recent ambiguity. Iranian media carries concerned reports regarding Turkey’s role in the Syria conflict. In similar fashion, there is an intense propaganda against Iran in some renowned Turkish media organizations.
---Who is behind the propaganda between Turkey and Iran?
It is completely wrong to think there is trouble between these two Muslim countries. The region that is already a scene to numerous conflicts, terror, and instability, is irrefutably the most volatile region of the world. It is not a conspiracy theory to think that some Western shadow states have extended covert plans to fragment the biggest center and the most strategic region of the Islamic world. The strategies, implementation, or presentation methods may vary from time to time, yet the main goal has always stayed the same: To put a barrier to the idea of the formation of unity and alliance among Muslims. Furthermore, the desire to be in control over the natural resources and natural wealth appeared as an extra benefit. Besides, it should not be forgotten how particular arm traders benefit from the unending bloody conflicts in the region. In this current situation, the strategy to ruin the relations between Turkey and Iran is by propagating such propaganda by means of some prominent media organizations since shadow states control them.
---Historically such propaganda methods have also been used
For Islamic countries to be strong is not something the West desires. Shadow governments that operate behind the scenes in these Western countries have tried and are currently trying to damage the relations between Muslim countries. This is true both historically as well as occurring in recent times. For instance, at the beginning of the 20th century these shadow entities appointed some of their members for some assignments in the region by disguising their own identities. Iran and Turkey are leading examples in the region where many intelligence officers of the shadow states have participated. During the years 1882-1914 Britain backed some separatist movements within the Ottoman at times in order to dominate the Middle East. The British worked systematically to weaken the Islamic identity and assigned many missionaries, diplomats, and religious figures who acted under the command of the British Foreign Affairs.
They used psychological warfare methods of influence to distort the facts and disseminated propaganda through the media at the beginning of the Great War. According to the French political writer Jacques Driencourt “everything can be attained through propaganda” and he also calls the 20th century as the century of propaganda. Indulging propaganda campaigns against opponent states became a tradition for the British especially during the WWI. The British established a propaganda institution called the Wellington House, which carried out very serious activities against the central powers including Turkey. Actually, the British started to make propaganda against Turkey via a propaganda office founded in 1870 to spread anti-Turkish information in foreign countries.
This propaganda became so widespread that many people all around the world came to believe in the disinformation disseminated by the Wellington House. However, some people with sanity and reason considered them with objectivity. For example, Reverend Cyrus Hamlin, first president of the Robert College in Istanbul had to admit: “Whenever I pick up a paper of eastern news, I pray, ‘Oh Lord, endow me with a suitable sense of unbelief.” Similarly, the popular writer Claude Farrere stated the following regarding the disinformation against the Turks in a lecture he gave in 1922: “Is there wonder that the world sees the Turk in the wrong?. Think that the enemies of the Turks have money, and money opens every door… They are using a language which is easier to understand in the West than Turkish. Moreover, they [the Turks] belong to a non-articulate race. Their enemies, however, are very talkative and skillful in putting their case. What terrible qualities for those who use lies as their main weapon! … [The enemies of the] Turk poured lies over him. Therefore why should the Turk be right and his enemies wrong in the eyes of the misinformed? ”
---Why Turkey and Iran should be on the same side
It seems very likely that similar smear campaigns are being indulged to damage our relations with our neighboring country Iran. How can we have a problem with our Muslim brothers in Iran? According to the Quran, it is an obligation of Muslims to be allies with our Muslim brothers. Both governments should take the matter very seriously with reason and not fall into the plots of the shadow states, which have intelligent officers covertly making propaganda between the two Islamic countries. Both should make the necessary actions to get rid of such evil-minded people trying to have control over the region. The leaders of both sides should give messages of friendship and collaboration. Turkey not only on the level of leaders but also people at the grassroots level became very happy for Iran for the lifting of the sanctions. This is assuredly a nice gesture and similar acts should continue. Otherwise, this would turn into a disaster and this is what the region needs the least at the time being. Furthermore, both nations should sign joint defense and collaboration agreements. Iran is the strongest Islamic nation full of religious, devout people burning with the love of Hazrat Ali (ra) and Ahl Al-Bayt. If both states cannot remove the cancer embedded secretly in the region, they would drag the Muslims countries to other conflicts, may God forbid. As Muslims, as lovers of God, we should eradicate the plots of shadow states that are yearning to take control in the region and we should never let another Muslim blood be spilled.