Iran, Austria Can Jointly Produce Power Plant Equipment

May 30, 1999 - 0:0
VIENNA Expansion of Tehran-Vienna cooperation was reviewed in a meeting here on Friday between Iranian Minister of Energy Habibollah Bitaraf and Austria's Minister of Economic Affairs Johann Farnleitner. According to the Iranian minister, last year's reciprocal visits by officials of the two countries and holding of the fourth joint economic commission paved the way for further expansion of Tehran-Vienna cooperation. He also underlined the need for lasting cooperation in the field of transfer of technology and extension of new banking credit lines for the proposed projects by the Austrian side.

Referring to the letter of understanding signed during the fourth joint economic commission, Bitaraf said that Iran is eager to expand industrial and research cooperation and exchange of technology and know-how in the fields of power stations, dam building and production of power generators and turbines. According to the Energy Minister, there is a good opportunity in Iran for Iran-Austria joint production of power stations equipment for export to the regional markets.

Cooperation between the two sides in different fields should be complementary, the Austrian Economic Affairs Minister pointed out. Austria would like to assist Iran in implementation of its development projects, he added. In a separate meeting, Austrian Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Benita Ferrero-Waldner told the Iranian Energy Minister that her country was ready to cooperate fully with Iran. According to her, the wise policies of the Iranian President have opened a new window to the west and the whole world.

The West appreciates President Khatami's valuable move, said the secretary, adding that his calculated policies have turned Iran into a stable country in the region.