Larijani urges world’s parliaments to condemn Judaization of al-Quds

January 3, 2012
TEHRAN – Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has sent a message to countries’ parliament speakers around the world calling on them to take a firm action to oppose the Knesset’s decision to declare al-Quds the capital of Israel. 

The Knesset has recently approved a draft law declaring al-Quds the eternal and untied capital of the Zionist state. 

Following is the text of the message released on Tuesday: 

A look at the history of Palestine shows that the Zionist regime, due to its aggressive nature, has always been attempting to use every opportunity to (pursue) expansionism and impose its inhumane policies on the oppressed Palestinian nation.     

Continuous attacks by the Zionists on Islamic and Christian holy sites of the innocent Palestinian people and the silence of international forums and international supporters of this regime has led to the Knesset of this occupying regime being so audacious to present the draft plan to declare the holy Quds the united Jewish capital. 

In fact, the Zionists’ new act of aggression is the result of years of international forums’ inattention to the acts of occupation and anti-humanitarian actions of the Zionist regime which is gradually occupying all the Palestinian territories and is changing the nature of holy and sacred sites of divine religions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its principled and fixed policy, strongly condemns the deliberation of the law to declare the holy Quds the united capital of all Jewish people of the Zionist regime.    

Undoubtedly, the Zionist regime’s new move is the continuation of this regime’s policy, which is based on occupation and racism, is in contravention of all international conventions, is a clear violation of the rights of a nation under occupation, and is a blatant insult to the sanctities of divine religions which would endanger the security of the region and the world. 

The oppressed Palestinian nation, during years of resistance, has manifested their ability to deal with the most complex conspiracy against a nation in the contemporary history.  

All countries have a responsibility to support the historic and everlasting demands of this nation. Therefore, I deem it necessary here to appreciate the previous efforts of different parliaments of the world in support of the oppressed Palestinian nation and to emphasize the necessity of taking a firm action to oppose the Zionist regime’s new decision. 

Within this framework, the Majlis emphasizes the principal responsibility of countries, institutions, and regional and international forums in the face of acts of occupation which would endanger the international security and stability and would damage the identity of a nation, and (the Majlis) calls for the necessary measures to be taken to prevent (the implementation of) the plan intended to Judaize the holy Quds, settlement construction in the Palestinian occupied territories, and the forced immigration of Palestinians.