What’s in Tehran art galleries 

June 10, 2016 - 18:42


* Paintings by Pantea Baghdadi are on display in an exhibition at Shokuh Gallery.

The exhibit named “Gap” runs until June 21 at the gallery located at 19 Amir Nuri Alley, North Salimi St. near Andarzgu Blvd.

* Gallery 26 is playing host to an exhibition of paintings by Zohreh Hatamipur. 

The exhibition entitled “I’m Here Now” will be on show until June 22 at the gallery located at 26 Salmanpur-Zahir St., in the Farmanieh Sharqi district.

* Ava Gallery is hosting an exhibition of paintings by Tara Behbahani, Fereshteh Setayesh, Shahla Shilati, Mahta Moini and several other artists. 

The exhibit runs until June 19 at the gallery, which can be found at No. 9, Ramin Alley, Sharifimanesh St., in Elahieh neighborhood. 


* Works by Forugh Taj, Fereshteh Haqiqi, Fariba Alipur and several other photographers are currently on display in an exhibition at Gallery No. 6.

The exhibit named “Limited Lighting” will be running until July 14 at the gallery located at No. 2, 20th Alley, off Mirzaye Shirazi Ave.


* Ariana Gallery is showcasing sculptures and paintings by Nasser Palangi, Saghar Masudi, and Kaveh Afaq. 

The exhibit named “The Symphony of Peace” runs until June 22 in the gallery located at 9 Fereshteh St., off East Maryam St., in the Elahieh neighborhood.


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