Rangers’ protection bill aims to crack down on poachers

January 8, 2017 - 18:14

TEHRAN — Iran’s Department of Environment will put forward rangers’ protection bill to the cabinet next week, which aims to make regulations and restrictions more stringent on poachers.

“The bill proposes harsh punishments for poachers who attack rangers and help to expedite the decision-making process for the cases involving rangers,” the deputy DOE director for legal affairs said.

Mohammad Mojabi made the remarks during a ceremony devoted to the memory of two late rangers, Mohammad Dehqani and Parviz Hormozi, who were killed in June 2016 during an armed conflict with poachers in Hormozgan province, ISNA news agency reported.

He further pointed out that the multiple deaths of the rangers while trying to safeguard the environment and wildlife this year has urged the officials to take disciplinary and punitive measures to prevent such tragic and unpleasant incidents from happening.


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