Tehraners donate $1m to underprivileged students

October 13, 2017 - 18:37

TEHRAN — People in the city of Tehran made a contribution of 39 billion rials (nearly $1 million) over a charity event called Jashn-e Atefeha to underprivileged students.

The contributions were collected over the first phase of the charity event held nationwide on September 15, according to YJC. 

Tehran Province’s Relief Foundation director Mohsen Valiee explained that the contributions offered by philanthropist Tehraners last year amounted to some 28 billion rials (nearly $700,000) which indicates a 40 percent growth relatively speaking.

As Valiee said, some 13,000 students nationwide are provided with coverage for monthly educational allowance from Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation which is tasked with providing support for underprivileged families to regain financial stability. 

The second phase of the Atefeha charity event was held on October 11 across the country. The amount of contributions made over the second phase are yet to be announced. 

Such charity events would certainly encourage altruistic behaviors and generosity in the society. Particularly encouraging the youngsters to practice giving even though this brings no advantage to them would result in bringing up a caring generation. 


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