Appointing female deputies not a remedy for women’s problems: activists

December 11, 2017 - 20:25

TEHRAN – A group of female social activists in an open letter addressing national policymakers criticized recent appointments of women to government posts as a symbolic move which would be no remedy for various problems women are facing in the country.

President Hassan Rouhani, while presenting a report of his administration’s first 100 days, referred to the creation of 307,000 jobs for women as one of the most important achievements gained by the government, Mehr reported.

The female activists criticized employment of women in advertising luxury cars, employment of women in real estates, employment of female drivers, and employment of women in low rank jobs in trains and airplanes, as well as increasing number of women in odd-jobs as street vendors.

The letter further criticized growing number of women marketers which is on the contrary to article 21st of the Constitution in which the government is bound to secure women’s rights and dignity in line with the law. 

The law also makes the government duty bound to revive the spiritual and materialistic rights of women. 

The female activists expressed their concern that appointment of a few number of women deputies not only will not solve women’s problems but it may increase vulnerability of women.

The letter further stressed assigning clear goals in social fields, especially in women’s employment.

They also put emphasis on not using women as a tool for earning financial benefits in trades and markets.

The female activists in social fields requested the policymakers to highly respect women’s rights in drawing out plans related to women’s affairs in order to value personality and dignity of women.


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