By Sajad Abedi

ISIL and security order in heart of Europe

January 2, 2018

TEHRAN - The massive acts of terrorists and the catastrophic events of 2017 reflected the new approaches of extremist and radical groups to terrorize the West.

The investigation of the destructive and destructive actions of past years has shown that such terrorist operations were based on networked and coordinated approaches. That is, the terrorist cells carried out their destructive actions based on a timetable group plan. In such circumstances, with the familiarity of the security and intelligence agencies, it is possible to observe such behaviors, but in the past year, the change of approach has encountered a lot of difficulties in observing such actions. Instead of taking collective action, terrorists use the means and means of mass destructive actions in their new ways.

 In such a situation, a person kills public places instead of communicating with the supporters or members of terrorist currents such as ISIL with the aim of shedding people's blood. The events that took place in Nice in France, or the gathering of people in Germany, were done with such an approach. Naturally, the use of such practices and the use of public transport vehicles, or even sliver and toilets, provide security and intelligence institutions with many difficulties.

Evidence suggests that in the new approaches of the ISIs, they are seeking to use any means to achieve their goals, and it is natural that in these circumstances the concept of security in Europe has undergone a change and change. From another angle, the use of such practices shows that the ISIL are seeking to use any means to demonstrate their power and, along with this, to supporters and groups that want to recruit and join terrorist groups.

 They are ordering that they do not have to endure the difficulty of traveling to accompany them, but the protagonists can arrange their subversive moves at their own place of deployment. The facts indicate that jackals only seek to induce the West that, despite the efforts of some countries to eliminate ISIS's threat, Europe's fears and concerns about repeating terrorist incidents will not end.

ISILs are always trying to organize people from the corners of the world for terrorist acts; those who are known only for jackals because of the nature of isolation and psychological frustration. That is why, with many beliefs, this group is now considered to be the most dangerous terrorist organization. In the current situation, although it is possible to reject and defeat ISIL in the region and to eliminate the risk of the formation of the Islamic Emirate of Iraq and the Levant, it is important to understand that different groups and groups, including ISIS and other organized terrorist groups have based on ideological ideologies. It would seem that in such a case, the disintegration of the organization will not destroy ISIL's thoughts, but those who have such an ideology will undergo underground and state-controlled regimes. Who will continue to carry out their terrorist operations?

The Western countries, which once sought to satisfy the promise of a protracted war with a change in the soft battle substitution procedure, are now subject to consistent terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe and the United States. In spite of this, the phenomenon gave pretexts to Western politicians and their media in order to provide a violent image and portray the violence and to Islamize the phenomenon of terrorism. Instead of supporting the ISIL crisis in the region, the West took a policy of promoting pessimism and hatred towards minority groups such as Muslims and intensified their anti-immigration approaches. The Islam phobia project has left Western countries out to sell weapons to other countries.

Western countries, which once used the way of confronting Islam and Islamists, are now turning to discourse confrontation with Muslims.

Islam phobia in the Western media is a collection of Western media sources depicting a negative image of Islam and related issues, and these imaging for the masses who do not have a proper understanding of Islamic concepts and able to distinguish between correct reading of commands The Qur'an has not been inspired by Islamic beliefs to exacerbate the negative attitudes towards Islam and Muslims.

The unification of Islam and terrorism has been a form of justification for the West for military intervention in the Islamic world and the spread of its influence in the international arena. Although there are different attitudes in this regard in Europe and in the Western countries, and some Europeans also refrain from assigning violent acts to all Islamic movements, they are shaped by the concept of public opinion in Europe and the EU's policies on this basis. Subversive acts are more about Islam and Islamists. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the proliferation of this mentality will have a lot of security implications for Europe.

 On the other hand, the dissemination of such ideas will lead to the growth of radical right-wingers on this continent. Some of the media in Europe are pushing for public opinion that these sabotage and terrorist acts are the result of Islamic terrorist thoughts, and therefore there can be no confidence in the Islamist currents in this regard. In addition, it should be noted that the existence and growth of these extremist right-wing movements is one of the sources and factors of the growth of insecurity and the threat to security in Europe.

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