Iranian students come in first in World Mathematics Championships Qualifier

October 20, 2018 - 21:2

TEHRAN — Iranian students secured the first place in in World Mathematics Championships Qualifier, Tehran math home director Mustafa Noori told IRNA’s office in London on Saturday.

WMC Qualifier was held in Royal Alexandra and Albert School in England. The 3-day competition started on October 17 and ended on October 20. 

51 talented Iranian students were elected nationwide to take part in the competition from various age groups, Noori said, adding that the students successfully won 30 gold medals, 38 silver medals and 39 bronze medals, Noori said.

He went on to say that 13 students, who excelled best in mathematical skills were also invited to the 2019 WMC Finals being held next summer.

Students from the U.S., Bulgaria, India, and Australia also competed in the championship, Noori added.

According to the WMC website the competitions held in Royal Alexandra and Albert School was a qualifying round to be a part of the Finals of the World Mathematics Championships 2019. Participants engage in our 9 different types of rounds within 6 skills categories. Any youth still engaging in pre-university education could enter the competitions. 

There are many prizes to be had, with the most important being the intangibles that one gains from such an experience. On top of that transcript of relative attainment, medals for top scoring individuals, special ticket invitations for the next tier towards the WMC Finals, and Warry Cup for institution with the best mean average ranking.


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