Veteran curator Lili Golestan publishes her private collection 

January 20, 2019

TEHRAN – Veteran curator Lili Golestan who is in charge of Golestan Gallery in Tehran has published her private collection in a book.

“Lili Golestan’s Private Collection” published at Cheshmeh Publications is scheduled to be unveiled during a ceremony on January 24 at the Hoom Center Gallery in Tehran, she announced in a press release on Sunday.

“I don’t think any art collectors in Iran have published their works in a book yet. I personally talked with many collectors and proposed to them that they publish their works, but most of them said they do not want others to know what they possess in their private collections,” Golestan said.

“I found their attitude a bit odd. I think people should know what else other famous artists like Sohrab Sepehri or Hossein Zenderudi have created but they have not seen. I own a collection that has rarely been seen, and only those who come to my house have seen,” she explained.

“I believe everybody must see all these works and I was determined to do it, so I held talks with Cheshmeh Publications and it happened. Of course, many cooperated with me in this way,” she added.

Golestan said that the book contains 133 works with two introductions, one written by her and the other by art critic Javad Mojabi.

“Mojabi has beautifully narrated the history of art collecting in Iran in his article,” she said.

Photo: Lili Golestan poses in front of Golestan Gallery in Tehran in an undated photo.

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