“You Will Return to Isfahan” published in Italian 

March 3, 2019

TEHRAN – An Italian translation of Iranian writer Mostafa Ensafi’s novel “You Will Return to Isfahan” has recently been published in Italy.

Ponte33 Publications, a cultural association that publishes contemporary literature in the Persian language in Florence, is the publisher of the book. 

Translated by Italian scholar Giacomo Longhi, the book centers on Eliza, a Polish girl who traces her grandmother back to Isfahan. Her grandma along with a number of Polish people and children took refuge in the central Iranian city of Isfahan during World War II.

Longhi has previously translated books from Persian contemporary literature. Among them are Mahsa Mohebali’s “Don’t Worry” and Mohammad Toloei’s short stories “Made in Denmark”.

“You Will Return to Isfahan” will be unveiled on April 6 during the Incroci di civiltà, an international festival of literature in Venice, Ponte33 announced in a post published on its Instagram.

The original version of the book was published by Cheshmeh Publications in Tehran in 2016.

Photo: Front cover of an Italian version of Mostafa Ensafi’s novel “You Will Return to Isfahan”.


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