What’s in Tehran art galleries

May 31, 2019

* An exhibition of sculptures by Nahid Arian is underway at Etemad Negarestan Gallery. 

The exhibit named “The Freaks” will continue until June 18 at the gallery located at Negarestan Garden near Baharestan Square.


* A collection of sculptures by Ali Khatai is on display in an exhibition at Dastan Basement Gallery.

The exhibit entitled “The Chair of Calligraphy” will run until June 14 at the gallery, which can be found at 6 Bidar St., off Fereshteh St.


* Paintings by Samaneh Talachian are currently on view in an exhibition at Entezami Gallery.

The exhibit titled “Bright Shadows” will be running until June 3 at the gallery located at No. 608 Motahhari Ave.

* A collection of paintings by Ayyub Emdadian is on display in an exhibition at Hoor Gallery. 

The exhibition will run until June 18 at the gallery that can be found at 12 Naeimi Alley, North Mirza Shirazi St., off Motahhari Ave.


* A group of artists, including Afshin Baqeri, Zartosht Rahimi, Hossein Tamjid, Homa Hosseinian and Katayun Valamanesh, is showcasing their latest drawings in an exhibition at Seyhun Gallery.

The exhibit named “Drawing Event” runs until June 12 at the gallery located at No. 11, 4th St., Vozara Ave.


* Nahid Tafreshi, Fahimeh Mohammadian, Leila Riahi, Ali Nurai, Mehrnaz Sahebi and eight other artists are displaying their calligraphy works in an exhibition at Shafaq Gallery. 

The exhibit titled “Love and Peace” will run until June 10 at the gallery located at 21st St. off Jamaleddin Asadabadi St.


* Axkhaneh Shahr, Iran’s photo museum in Tehran, is showcasing photos of Iran’s holy shrines in olden times. 

The photos, which belong to the museum’s archives, will be on view until June 20 at the museum located in Bahare Shiraz Park near Bahare Shiraz Square.


* Tarrahan Azad Gallery is playing host to an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and photos by a group of artists. 

The exhibit titled “10, 20, 30” will run until June 11 at the gallery located at 5 Salmas Square, off Fatemi St.

* An exhibition of paintings, sculptures and photos by a large number of artists, including Aidin Aghdashlu, Siva Shahbaz, Ali Piruz, Matisa Kazeruni, Atieh Nuri, Leila Vismeh and Kurosh Shishegaran, is currently underway at Shirin Gallery.

The exhibit named “Neo-Expressionism in Iranian Contemporary Art” runs until June 12 at the gallery located at No. 5, 13th St., Karim Khan Ave.


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