‘Iran won't hesitate to safeguard its security’ in the Persian Gulf, Zarif insists

Zarif: Persian Gulf is a ‘national security priority for Iran’

August 9, 2019 - 22:22

TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday that the Persian Gulf is a “national security priority for Iran” and that Tehran will not “hesitate to safeguard its security” in this strategic waterway, which he described as a “vital lifeline” for the Islamic Republic.

The remarks by Zarif came after Israel announced that it has decided to join a U.S.-led military alliance to supposedly police safe shipping in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

The chief diplomat warned that military presence of extra-regional forces is absolutely a “source of insecurity”.

“Mindful of this reality, any extra-regional presence is by definition source of insecurity - despite propaganda,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.

Prior to the warning by Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the possible presence of Israel in the self-declared military coalition in the Persian Gulf is an “open threat to Iran’s national security” and that Iran “keeps the right to counter this threat in line with the country’s defense policies”.

Foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi also warned that the Zionist regime of Israel and the U.S. will be responsible for “entire consequences of this dangerous move”.

On Thursday, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami also reacted to Israel’s decision to join the coalition, saying, "Such a possible move could be very provocative, and can have catastrophic implications for the region."


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