‘IRICA’s connection to national trade system necessary to prevent smuggling’

November 24, 2019 - 17:30

TEHRAN – Spokesman of Iran’s Headquarters on Fighting Goods and Currency Smuggling says the country’s customs administration (IRICA) should join the national Comprehensive Trade System in order to exchange information and prevent smuggling.

IRICA is required by law to get connected to the comprehensive trading system for information exchange, which unfortunately has not happened so far, Hamidreza Dehqan-Nia said.

According to Dehqan-Nia, currently, the Headquarters on Fighting Goods and Currency Smuggling and other relevant government entities are pursuing this issue.

“We have been pursuing this for three years and many meetings have held with related organizations and also the Customs Administration to carry out the exchange of information between the Customs and the National Comprehensive Trade System,” he added.

Iran Comprehensive Trade System was unveiled in late December 2018.

This system includes Comprehensive Trade System, Goods Identification System, Integrated System for Warehousing Goods, Validation System and Credit Rating System (special of merchants and businesspersons) as well as Trade Credit structure.

With creating integration and economic coordination between organizations involved in the process of domestic and foreign trade, Comprehensive Trade System is aimed to lead to the promotion of interoperability of concerned organizations.


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