Don Quixote group director screens “Little Prince” to remember cast member who died of COVID-19  

May 1, 2020 - 18:15

TEHRAN – Ali-Asghar Dashti, the director of the Don Quixote Theater Troupe, on Thursday screened a video of “A Tazieh Performance of the Little Prince” on his Instagram page in memory of cast member Hassan Aqiqi, who recently died of COVID-19.

Aqiqi played the role of the pilot of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story, which was performed by the troupe 16 years ago.

“Tazieh is a tragic performance, but I never supposed that I would screen the video of the tazieh in memory of one of the dear members of the cast for the play,” Dashti said in an announcement for the screening of the video.

“A tazieh is performed to make those who believe in the goodness of their heroes mourn for the death or martyrdom of them and become pure,” he added.

“Our heroes in the present era are closer to us. For me, those who are closer are much greater heroes. Here is the earth, the seventh planet; Hassan has left the earth,” Dashti noted.

The video will be also be screened again on @darbastplatform on Saturday at 10 pm. 

Photo: A poster for the screenings of “A Tazieh Performance of the Little Prince”. 


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