Natural gas consumption exceeds 104 bcm in H1

September 25, 2020 - 12:17

TEHRAN – The cumulative consumption of natural gas in Iran reached 104.79 billion cubic meters (bcm) during the first six months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20-September 21), Head of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s Dispatching Department said.

“The total amount of natural gas consumption in the country during the first half of this year was 104.79 billion cubic meters, of which 39.63 billion cubic meters was consumed by the domestic, commercial and non-major industries, 23.82 billion cubic meters by major industries, while 41.34 billion cubic meters was used as the fuel for power plants,” Mohammad Reza Jolaei told Shana.

According to Jolaei, a total of 122.25 billion cubic meters of gas was injected into the national gas network in the first six months of this year, which shows a five percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Natural gas consumption in the first day of autumn (Tuesday, September 22) was 554 million cubic meters, the official said.

He also announced the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s complete readiness for a stable supply of gas during the winter and added: “The National Iranian Gas Company has started very effective preparations in all areas including the production, transmission, and distribution, so this year we will not have a problem with the gas supply, especially in the domestic sector.”

Iran is currently producing over 810 mcm of natural gas on a daily basis which is mostly used inside the country for the domestic sector and also as fuel for the power plants and a small portion is also exported to the neighboring countries like Iraq.

Currently, about 30,000 villages with 4.6 million households as well as 1,148 cities with over 18 million households are connected to the national gas network in Iran.

Gas is supplied to 97 percent of people in the urban areas and 82 percent of people in the rural regions.



  • 2020-09-25 14:55
    Iran must come up with new technologies coupled with other measures including hike in prices of energy resources including petrol, gas and electricity in order to conserve its limited energy resources

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