Armenia PM says welcomes any Iranian initiative to end Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

October 22, 2020 - 10:46

TEHRAN - Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has welcomed any Iranian initiative to help end the ongoing war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The prime minister’s remarks came nearly two weeks after Iran announced that it has prepared an initiative to help resolve the conflict over the disputed region.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Pashinyan said Iran, as an important country in the region, can play a key role in stopping the conflict between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“This role can now be concentrated on ending military operations,” said Pashinyan, adding that Armenia “welcomes any constructive step by Iran to bring peace and tranquility to the region”.

He also expressed regret over the rockets and mortar shells that have landed inside Iran’s territory over the past weeks, saying they were not fired by Armenia.

“I can give assurances that the Armenian side is doing its utmost so that no harm is inflicted on its friendly country Iran,” the prime minister said.

However, Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Iran, Bunyad Huseynov, accused Armenia of firing on the Iranian borders. He said he fully understands Iran’s concerns about the projectiles that have landed inside Iran.

“The target of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan is located on the right and front side. The mortars that hit the Islamic Republic of Iran came from the left side or from behind the armed forces of Azerbaijan. It was the Armenians who did that,” Huseynov pointed out in an interview with Iran Daily.

Prime Minister Pashinyan accused Turkey of “transferring terrorist mercenaries” from Syria to Nagorno-Karabakh to fight for Azerbaijan. “This has been internationally proven,” he said.

According to the Armenian prime minister, there are “many documents” that indicate militants from Syria are being deployed to the conflict zone to fight for Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan said these militants pose a “grave threat to the region,” calling on regional countries “to deal with this issue more seriously.”

He also accused Turkey of “trying to constantly to prevent a cease-fire,” saying that Turkey’s push to expand its influence in Nagorno-Karabakh will have a direct impact on all countries.

“Turkey has extensive goals… Turkey seeks to secure its presence in the South Caucasus region to revive an empire through which Turkey wants to expand its influence to the east, north, south, and southeast of Nagorno-Karabakh,” Pashinyan asserted.

He also stated that Azerbaijan is “extensively using Israeli drones” in its military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh, which “proves the foreign powers' intervention” in the region through various ways.


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