Govt. offers new support packages for corona-affected businesses, households

November 21, 2020 - 16:46

TEHRAN - Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian said the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control has come up with 14 financial plans to support households and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of the government’s economic coordination headquarters on Saturday, Nahavandian said: "Two of these 14 decisions are related to households and nine are for all businesses, while three are pertaining to the businesses that have been severely affected by the negative impacts of the pandemic."

According to the official, the support packages for households will be provided for those without fixed-income who live in red-zones, IRNA reported.

Nahavandian noted that nearly 30 million people are expected to benefit from the mentioned support plan.

Regarding the businesses, the official noted that for all businesses, it has been decided to halt the direct tax collection until January 2021, and also for issuing or renewing business licenses, natural persons or economic units would not need to obtain a tax payment certificate.

About the three cases for severely damaged businesses, he said: “In this regard, 14 job categories have been identified.”

For this group of units, since they could be facing problems regarding the payment of their loans, the installments of their facilities due in December will be postponed for one month, other installments will be postponed to the end of the period and will not be subject to penalties, he explained.

He expressed hope that with these measures, some of the pressures on businesses will be reduced, and with national determination and following safety recommendations of the health authorities, it will be possible to control the second wave of the pandemic.


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