Ghalibaf: If the West does not recognize the rights of Iranians, it will pay the price

January 10, 2021 - 15:42

TEHRAN – Iran's Parliament speaker says the European countries that have been following the U.S. illegal sanctions should recognize and respect the rights of the Iranian people, otherwise, they should pay a price.

During the Parliament's open session on Sunday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said, "The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is not a sacred agreement. It is merely a deal to remove sanctions under conditions accepted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, the return of the United States to the JCPOA is not important to us. […] It is the practical and tangible lifting of sanctions that really matters."

He said, "Ayatollah Khamenei's advice clarified the roadmap for all authorities in fulfilling the demands of the people." 

Pointing to the recent remarks by the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ghalibaf said, "It became clear to everyone that the main strategy in the face of the enemy is to neutralize the sanctions, which is also a prelude to the lifting of sanctions. The country must increase its power in different sectors, including the nuclear industry".

Addressing the European countries that have been complying with the U.S. illegal behaviors, Ghalibaf said, "The Western front should know that it must recognize the rights of the Iranian people. If not, it should be prepared to pay the ‘appropriate price’."
Earlier on Friday, Ayatollah Khamenei said in a televised speech that Iran is not in a rush and has no insistence on America's return to the JCPOA. He added, "Instead, our logical demand is the lifting of sanctions and taking back the usurped right of the nation, a duty that should be performed by America and its European vassals".

Some believe that once the Biden administration officially starts its work, it will take steps to return to the nuclear deal. Due to such misconception, some experts in the West are calling on the incoming U.S. administration not to rush back to the deal because they have the illusion that Iran is desperate to get sanctions relief. The Leader's remarks on Friday and follow-up statements by other Iranian officials are a clear sign that Tehran is not pinning hope on the U.S. return to the JCPOA.

As it has been clarified by the Leader on several occasions, the new strategy of Iran against unlawful sanctions is to strengthen economy to neutralize sanctions. In his Friday speech, the Leader said, "Of course, we have repeatedly emphasized that we must make plans for the economy assuming that the sanctions will not be lifted so that the country is well run and does not have problems with the coming and going of sanctions and with the actions of the enemy. And this is possible by relying on internal capacities and implementing resistance economy policies. Though, sanctions are gradually becoming ineffective".


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