Iran-Brazil friendship groups call for increase in trade ties

October 15, 2021 - 21:26

TEHRAN - The first joint virtual meeting of the parliamentary friendship groups of Iran and Brazil was held with the participation of MPs member to the friendship groups and ambassadors of the two countries, Fars reported on Thursday.

Ahmad Naderi, who chairs the friendship group in the Iranian parliament, said the two countries' economies are complementary in view of the two countries’ abundant and diverse capacities. 

Advancing the interests of the two nations rests on removing obstacles and expanding the necessary infrastructure to develop cooperation, he highlighted. 

Naderi said the Iranian side supports expansion of relations in various fields.

MP Ivandro Roman, chairman of the parliamentary friendship group from the Brazilian side, also praised cooperation and consultation with Iran, especially parliamentary relations, given the historical background and friendly ties. 

Roman called for facilitating trade ties in agriculture and other fields, including industry and mining. The Brazilian side said efforts would be made to enhance ties. 

Hossein Gharibi, the ambassador of Iran to Brazil, emphasized the need to maintain and expand trade ties and diversify relations. The ambassador also appreciated the members and the heads of the parliamentary friendship groups and the Iranian Parliament speaker for his support in deepening relations in all fields.

For his part, Laudemar Aguilar, the Brazilian ambassador to Tehran, referred to the great potential to develop ties, saying collaboration by the two countries' parliaments, especially by the heads of the two countries' friendship groups, in crafting and implementing the roadmap for relations is of paramount significance.   

In the end, the two sides issued a joint statement that reads as follows:  
Iran and Brazil in 2023 will celebrate the 120th year of their bilateral relations. The two countries have complementary economies and intertwined trade interests. As the obstacles to the development of these relations are removed and the necessary infrastructure is provided, according to the existing capacities, direct and indirect trade between the two countries can be increased up to 10 billion dollars. 

Parliamentary friendship groups in the parliaments of the two sides are fully aware of the importance of relations between the two countries and the role of parliament in this regard, and the recent visit of a delegation representing the Brazilian Parliament to attend the inauguration of the president-elect of this country is a testament to this importance and awareness.

The parliamentary friendship groups, supported by the speakers of the two countries' parliaments, Mr. Qalibaf and Mr. Arthur Lira, will work to achieve the following vision by continuing talks and preparing joint programs: 

1- Promoting political relations, including through planning for the reciprocal visit of the Speakers of Parliament and members of friendship groups in order to get more acquainted with the capacities of cooperation and dialogue on issues of interest to the two nations.

2- Promoting relations and cooperation in traditional fields such as agriculture, identifying new capacities and entering new fields such as industry and mining in order to sustain trade, increase and diversify it.

3. The opening of a joint chamber of the two countries in San Paolo next month, which the two groups believe will play an important role in promoting private-sector relations between the two countries. 

4- Establishing a regular and constant sea transportation line with the aim of promoting trade between the two countries.

5- Pursuing the establishment of a direct flight between Tehran and San Paolo to facilitate the commute of passengers and the traders in order to strengthen trade relations

6- Pursuing the signing and ratification of agreements related to the infrastructure areas of trade relations between the two countries as soon as possible in the legislative assemblies.

7- Pursuing the ratification of judicial assistance agreements in civil and criminal matters, extradition of convicts and transfer of convicts to imprisonment in the parliaments of the two countries as soon as possible.

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