Expert: U.S. mafia regime is responsible for Ukraine crisis

March 4, 2022 - 22:34

TEHRAN — An expert on America said on Friday that the main concern of a politician in the U.S. is to gain more money and personal interests and this is due to the influence of money on the American political system.

Fouad Izadi made the comments in an interview with IRNA in regard to the statements by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on March 1 who described the United States as mafia regime. 

Noting that mafia regime means that those who have no moral or obligatory principles are harming both their own country and others for their own self-interest, and this shows the role of money in the American political system as researched by American political scientists. 
“In fact, there is a lot of research and statistics that show that in the U.S. election, the winner is the one who spends more than his opponent,” he added.

Izadi, a professor at the University of Tehran, went on to say that it is the mafia that brings to power governments in the United States.

“In the U.S., a person who comes to power and is elected to Congress receives such communications and financial aid for personal gain, and acts in line with the goals of those who have donated money. Thus, this government becomes a mafia government that is ready to launch coups, crimes and killings in order to achieve its goals, such as the coup in Ukraine in 2014, which is still influenced by the result of that coup.”

He added that the Americans overthrew the government elected by the people of Ukraine and finally, through a velvet revolution, brought their “puppet government” to power.

“In November 2013, the popularly elected government of Ukraine had a choice between a trade-economic package proposed by the Europeans and a trade-economic package proposed by the Russians, and then government of Ukraine chose the Russian package which was suitable for their national interests,” Izadi remarked.

The expert on U.S. affairs continued by saying that the choosing of the Russian package is why the Americans went to undermine the rule of law and staged a coup with the NGOs they established in Ukraine, and then the government that came to power was influenced by the extreme right, many of whom were neo-Nazis. 

“So they began to put pressure on the Russian minority, which led to a civil war that killed 14,000 people, and according to UN figures, 80 percent of those 14,000 killed were Russians,” he remarked. 

Since after the coup the government in Ukraine was pro-Western they knew that NATO membership was not in their interest, nevertheless, since they were puppets of the United States, they sought NATO membership, which caused such a crisis in Ukraine, and this shows how Americans create crisis.

The academic added, “In 2008, George W. Bush Jr. discussed Ukraine's membership in NATO for the first time, although according to NATO rules, a country with an internal conflict cannot join NATO. The Ukrainian government could have easily said that NATO membership was not on the agenda at the moment, but it did not put pressure on the United States because there was going to be a crisis in Ukraine that the Americans would benefit from, so the problem in Ukraine today is mainly sponsored by the United States.”

He emphasized that the Western-minded parties around the world create problems for countries that should be learned as a lesson.

“The Westerners are examples of misery, war and creating problems for countries,” he concluded. 

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