Serbian piano duo Dragomir Bratic, Marija Godjevac, attend Fajr festival

February 21, 2023 - 18:35

TEHRAN – Dragomir Bratic and Marija Godjevac, a Serbian piano duo, are in Tehran to give performances at the 38th Fajr Music Festival.

They performed their first concert at the Niavaran Cultural Center On Saturday.
In an interview published by the organizers on Tuesday, Bratic expressed his happiness over participating in the festival and called Tehran a special city that is highly different from cities in Europe.

“We enjoyed our short stay in Tehran and it was a great experience,” he noted.

Bratic praised Iranians for their hospitality and added, “I think we have a lot in common with Iranians.”

He said the festival helped him and his partner, Marija, raise their knowledge of Iranian music. He was surprised to hear quarter tones in traditional Iranian music. he said that his fellow Serbian musicians only use semitones.

“Music is a common language among countries across the world and the people of the world all can enjoy the music of all nations despite difference in their languages,” he stated.

The BG piano duo, Marija and Dragomir, who are also piano pedagogues, have been engaged in chamber music all their musical life, but they have been part of the BG duo for several years. 

So far, they have performed over 30 concerts in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary and Russia. 

As a duo, they trained with Natalia Trul at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Their repertoire covers a wide range of time, with an emphasis on the works of Russian composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contemporary Serbian composers.

They have been acclaimed in several international events, including the International Moscow Music Competition (Russia), Danubia Talents International Music Competition (Hungary), and International Competition L. van Beethoven (Austria).

The duo performed a concert entitled “Circle” at the City Hall of Subotica to celebrate their first meeting in the Serbian city 25 years ago.

They are both originally from Sabac, but now live in Belgrade and work as teachers at the Davorin Jenko Music School.

Photo: Serbian piano duo Dragomir Bratic and Marija Godjevac perform a concert at Tehran’s Niavaran Culture Center during the 38th Fajr Music Festival on February 17, 2023. (FMF)


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