Foreign Ministry to Publish Book on 1953 Coup

August 20, 2000 - 0:0
TEHRAN Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that it would soon publish a book on the CIA-sponsored Aug. 19, 1953 coup d'etat in Iran which overthrew the popular government of Mohammad Mosaddeq. Deputy Foreign Minister for Educational Affairs, Mohammad-Sadeq Kharrazi said in order to give first-hand information about the coup to the public, a book containing the latest information about the CIA involvement in the coup d'etat will be published.
On the sources of the information, Kharrazi said the data belong to CIA, United States' State Department, White House and some decision-making commissions of the U.S. during the era of 1945-1971.
The August coup in Iran was directed by the U.S.-based organizations to reinstate the Shah who had fled the country.