Roudsar leopard dies in fight with hedgehog

December 22, 2017

TEHRAN — Persian leopard Arezoo, well-known for being named after her habitat in Roudsar, northern Iran, was found dead apparently after a fight with a hedgehog.

On February 5, the Roudsar leopard survived a complicated spinal surgery after getting caught in a trap. 

The 4-year-old leopard was transferred to Tehran and undergone a complicated surgery and surprisingly restored its ability to walk within a week and eight month later was released back to its habitat in November. 

However, using a tracking device hanged around its neck the animal’s body was found in the depth of the forest on Tuesday by the rangers. It has apparently endured a fight with a hedgehog. There are no signs of human–wildlife conflict.

According to YJC, the animal’s body was transferred to Gilan province’s department of environment for autopsy and deciding the exact cause of death.