Iranian Intelligence Ministry deals ‘heavy blow’ to Mossad agents

July 27, 2021 - 21:40

TEHRAN — A network of agents aligned to the Zionist regime's spy service (Mossad) has been captured after entering bases in Iran’s western borders, the director-general of the counterintelligence department at Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Heavy cargo of weapons and ammunition were seized from the Mossad agents, the ministry official added.

The Mossad agents intended to use the equipment to carry out assassinations after causing urban riots. 

The intelligence official said the weapons included pistols, grenades, Winchester, assault rifles, and ammunition, some of which, like Winchester and grenades, were used to quell protests.

The terrorists were arrested by closely monitoring their activities outside the borders and conducting extensive operational intelligence. 

"During the (June) elections, the Zionist regime intended to carry out acts of sabotage in different parts of the country on several occasions. By taking timely action,… soldiers of the ministry prevented terrorist acts and dealt a heavy blow to the Mossad terrorist network," the counterintelligence director stated. 

He added, "The Ministry of Intelligence while thanking the constant vigilance of the people, especially compatriots living in the western provinces of the country in the face of the enemies of Islamic Iran, asks all people to be aware of suspicious offers, especially in cyberspace and requests for some measures to receive money out of the blue and act with more vigilance and awareness and inform the press office of the Ministry of Intelligence at 113.

Also on Monday, Hojatoleslam Seyyed Kazem Mousavi, director of the Justice Department in Fars province, said members of the nucleus of a terrorist team have been identified and arrested in the province in an operation launched by the Intelligence Ministry and police.

Mousavi said 11 active members of the terrorist group were arrested in Fars and 25 others in six eastern and western provinces in a coordinated operation.

To show its existence and create panic among the public, the terrorist group had released video clips in the virtual space, he explained.

The local official added a large amount of ammunition and weapons have been confiscated from the members.

According to Tasnim, Mousavi also said the group’s ringleaders have been identified in foreign countries.

The group had plans to carry out simultaneous terrorist attacks in several provinces with the intelligence and financial support provided by the intelligence services of a European and a regional country, the local official stated without giving further details.