Canadian indigenous children


  • Trudeau appeals decision on indigenous children 2021-10-30 17:22

    Trudeau appeals decision on indigenous children

    TEHRAN - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has filed a last minute appeal against a federal court decision which upheld a ruling that it must provide billions of dollars in compensation to indigenous children who suffered from discrimination by the country’s welfare system.

  • Canada 2021-07-14 01:54

    More unmarked graves discovered in Canada, how many more left?

    True Canada, unearthed...

    TEHRAN— As the search for discovering more unmarked graves continue, one thing can be said for sure. Canada, a country that commits “cultural genocide,” cannot decry over human rights.

  • Mass grave of indigenous people in Canada 2021-07-03 20:50

    Growing calls for Catholics to boycott Sunday mass in protest over heinous discoveries of Canadian n

    Calls are growing louder in Canada for church-goers to stay at home as a sign of solidarity with the country’s natives, amid growing discoveries of the bodies of indigenous children on the grounds of former church-run residential schools.