Mohammad Nahavandian


  • nahavandian 2019-04-21 19:50

    ‘Iran to design mechanisms similar to INSTEX with Iraq, Syria, Turkey and China’

    TEHRAN - Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian has said that Iran plans to design mechanism similar to the European Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) for financial transactions with Iraq, Syria, Turkey and China.

  • VP advises foreign companies to stay put 2018-07-27 20:30

    VP advises foreign firms to avoid mistake of leaving Iran

    TEHRAN – Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian has advised foreign companies to avoid the mistake of pulling out of Iran’s market, saying Tehran will shape its cooperation with foreign companies in regard to their current decision.

  • محمد نهاوندیان 2018-07-22 09:51

    By Mohammad Nahavandian

    American unilateralism and the world crisis

    1. Friday, July 6, marked the anniversary of signing the Bayonet Constitution in Hawaii of the late 19th century.

  • Iran-Iraq business forum 2017-10-15 19:32

    Tehran hosting Iran-Iraq business forum

    TEHRAN- The two day Iran-Iraq business forum kicked off at the Tehran’s Summit Conference Hall on Sunday, IRNA reported.

  • Iranian economy not affected by U.S.: VP 2017-10-13 00:00

    Iranian economy not affected by U.S.: VP

    TEHRAN – The Iranian economy is not affected by “a foreign official’s remarks,” the vice president for economic affairs said on Wednesday as President Trump is expected to announce U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal within days.

  • Top officials urges more co-op with Pakistan 2017-09-13 10:20

    Top officials urges more co-op with Pakistan

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Nahavandian, the vice president for economic affairs, on Monday called for more cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in areas of security and economy.

  • President Hassan Rouhani wrote letters to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the Atomic Energy Organization chief Ali Akbar Salehi 2017-08-20 20:32

    President appoints caretaker energy and science ministers

    Rouhani names close aides

    TEHRAN – In separate decrees on Sunday President Hassan Rouhani appointed heads of the Management and Planning Organization, presidential chief of staff, and vice president for economic affairs.

  • محمد نهاوندیان رئیس دفتر رئیس جمهور 2017-05-24 08:58

    Iran adamant to eliminate penury by 2021 

    TEHRAN – The presidential chief of staff Mohammad Nahavandian said there will be no Iranian living in “absolute poverty” by 2021, when President Hassan Rouhani ends his second term as president. 

  • 02-MH1.Nahavandian.310.jpg 2017-02-05 20:58

    Tehran opens arms to U.S.-based Iranian technicians: presidential chief of staff 

    TEHRAN – Tehran will welcome with open arms Iranian technicians that are based in the United States, the head of Iran’s presidential office said on Sunday.

  • Iran-Sweden 2016-12-28 18:05

    Swedish PM to lead trade delegation to Iran

    TEHRAN – Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, leading a trade delegation, is due to visit Tehran in February 2017, Sweden’s ambassador in Iran, Helena Sangeland, said on Tuesday.

  • 02-MH1.Nahavandian.310.jpg 2016-09-26 08:53

    Europeans united with Iran against U.S.: Nahavandian

    TEHRAN – Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian has said that the European countries have joined Iran in its criticism against the United States for failing to respect its obligations under the nuclear deal, officially called the JCPOA, ISNA reported on Sunday.