National libraries of Iran and France sign MOU

June 2, 2009

TEHRAN -- Iran National Library and Archive (INLA) and the National Library of France signed a Memorandum of Understanding for further cooperation here on Sunday.

The president of the National Library of France Bruno Racine and INLA director Ali-Akbar Ash’ari signed an agreement to boost their academic ties during a ceremony.
At the ceremony, Ash’ari said that the two libraries have much cultural potential which can be developed by means of their relationships. The specifics of cooperation between two libraries will be discussed in his future journey to Paris.
The two libraries can hold meetings, allowing experts and professionals to exchange experiences, and also hold book fairs or collaborate on joint projects, Racine mentioned.
“We have a program at our library each month during which we introduce one manuscript to visitors. As Iran is a rich source for historical manuscripts, we stand ready to hold programs to introduce Persian manuscripts as well,” he mentioned.
He also explained about the Accessible Registries of Rights information and Orphan Works (ARROW) which began in March 2008 in European countries to digitalize all resources in their libraries.