Central Asia


  • irna 2018-01-02 09:19

    Expert: Iran can connect Kazakhstan to Persian Gulf

    TEHRAN - Meysam Araie Darunkala, a Central Asia expert, has said that Iran can act as an appropriate corridor to connect Kazakhstan to the Persian Gulf region as well as Pakistan and India.

  • Hojjatollah Faghani 2018-01-01 13:42

    Iran warns Central Asia may be Daesh’s next target

    TEHRAN – The defeat of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria has made the terrorist group to change the geography of its activities and Central Asian countries must be watchful of this threat, Iranian Ambassador to Tajikistan Hojjatollah Faghani warned in a meeting with Tajik Parliament speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov in Dushanbe on Sunday.