Karun River


  • A sad photo of Karun taken in December 2017. Once the only navigable river of the country, Karun now suffers from drought and mismanagement. Photo by Mehdi Pedramkhoo / Tehran Times 2018-04-10 19:30

    Stop dam building and water transfer projects: environmentalists

    TEHRAN – A group of environmentalists have issued a statement, urging all dam building and water transfer projects around Zayanderud, Karun and Dez rivers to be halted in a bid to deal with the severe drought conditions that have affected western part of the country.

  • Migratory birds 2017-12-05 11:48

    Migratory birds flocking to Karun 

    The first flock of migratory birds including ivory gulls, herons, and cormorant, have flown to the Karun river to winter in southern Iran.   Every year with the onset of cold seasons many migratory birds wing their ways to tropical areas near the Persian Gulf and the wetlands located in southern Iran which supply them with adequate food and warmth.