Naghmeh Mizanian


  • parvin farshchi 2018-08-07 10:39

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    Women in Iran enjoy good freedom, are good planners: female diplomat

    TEHRAN – “The world should understand that women in Iran are very different from women of other Muslim countries,” Parvin Farshchi, the recently appointed ambassador of Iran to Finland, said here on Monday.

  • domestic violence 2018-07-03 08:12

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    Sometimes no law can help women subjected to domestic violence

    She feels like a crumpled up piece of paper that her husband has rolled up and thrown off into the corner. The same hand that was caressing her face the day before, has given a slap in her face today. Their kids were watching the scene with tearful eyes. They were begging their father not to hit their mother in the head.

  • noruz 2018-03-13 08:51

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    Noruz sweeter with mama's plan

    TEHRAN – The fragrant smell of spring with Persian folk music playing in the background, family members happily pitching in cleaning the house accompanied by a cup of tea after a tough day, all describe a pleasant family atmosphere during the spring cleaning in one’s home.

  • esfandgan 2018-02-12 20:20

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    Fertile earth, fruitful mothers valued in ancient Iran

    Fertility is the character of both women and the earth.

  • A nurse, a mother, an angel 2018-01-23 10:05

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    A nurse, a mother, an angel

    I was looking for her for twelve years.

  • Child brides, sufferers of the lost childhood 2018/01/09

    By Naghmeh Mizanian

    Child brides, sufferers of the lost childhood

    TEHRAN – Katayoon was playing with other girl children at the yard when her mother called her in. Katayoon knew that they have guests that day, her aunt and her family.