• Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the U.S. 2018-08-18 13:23

    Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the U.S.: CNN

    The bomb used by the Saudi-led coalition in a devastating attack on a school bus in Yemen was sold as part of a U.S. State Department-sanctioned arms deal with Saudi Arabia, munitions experts told CNN.

  • Yemen war challenges Saudi moral authority 2018-08-14 11:59

    By Dr. James M. Dorsey

    Yemen war challenges Saudi moral authority

    Saudi conduct of its ill-fated war in Yemen coupled with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s alignment with the Trump administration and Israel, and his often coercive approach to diplomatic relations, has opened the door to challenges of the kingdom’s moral leadership of the Sunni Muslim world, a legitimizing pillar of the ruling Al Saud family’s grip on power.

  • حمله هوایی به صعده یمن 2018-08-13 11:34

    By Nima Chitsaz

    Colorful dreams end; will world finally react to Saudi carnage in Yemen?

    Innocent children soaked in their blood uttered their last words searching for their brothers, classmates and friends. The children hopelessly cry for their parents but to no avail. Taking their last breaths and still not knowing they are coming to the end of their precious lives the school boys are deeply shocked, their life supposed to be full joy and happiness.

  • وزیر بهداشت 2018-08-12 21:28

    Health minister condemns killing of Yemeni students

    TEHRAN – In separate letters to the WHO director, health ministers of Islamic countries, and the UNICEF executive director, Iran’s health minister has warned about the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Yemen and called for a response from the international community against the tragedy.

  • در این جنایت وحشیانه که صبح پنجشنبه رخ داد اتوبوس حامل دانش آموزان یمنی در ضحیان واقع در استان مرزی صعده هدف حمله جنگنده های سعودی قرار گرفت که براثر آن بیش از 40 دانش آموز بی گناه شهید و بیش از 50 تن دیگر زخمی شدند. منابع پزشکی از احتمال افزایش تعداد شهدای این جنایت خبر دادند. 2018-08-12 12:12

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    When dollar means more than lives of Yemeni children

    The Saudi regime has committed yet another war crime in Yemen and this one is particularly horrendous.

  • حمله جنگنده های سعودی به یمن‎ 2018-08-11 14:03

    By M.A. Saki

    Has Saudi Arabia gone mad?

    The Saudi-led coalition is committing crimes in Yemen one after another. In a new airstrike on Thursday, a bus was targeted as it was carrying children from a summer camp in a busy market area in the northern Majz district.

  • Mohammad Ghaderi 2018-08-11 11:17

    By Mohammad Ghaderi - Twitter: @ghaderi62 - Email:

    Decoding of the UN's silence about Yemen

    The release of bitter and shocking news related to the mercenary martyrdom of 57 Yemeni students and the wounding of 77 people in Saudi Arabia's missile strike on a bus carrying innocent students has provoked anger at the international community from politicians and soldiers in Saudi Arabia and supporters of Riyadh. What exactly is happening in Yemen?

  • Fatik al-Rodaini is a senior Yemeni journalist 2018-08-09 09:16

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    “Saudi-led coalition has failed to achieve any progress in war against Houthis in Yemen”

    The Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen has triggered world’s worst humanitarian crisis with thousands of deaths over the past three years and more than 22 million people in need of assistance. There are now reports about a major outbreak of cholera due to indiscriminate and heavy Saudi-UAE bombardment, with logistical and weapons support from the U.S.

  • In a ceremony held on Sunday to mark the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day, human rights activists from Norway, Palestine and Bangladesh were given awards. 2018-08-05 21:04

    Iran slams Western use of human rights as tool

    TEHRAN - Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said on Sunday that the West has an “inhumane” approach toward the issue of human rights, saying the West is using the issue as a tool.

  • Tehran calls attack on Yemen fish market ‘war crime’ 2018-08-03 20:39

    Tehran calls attack on Yemen fish market ‘war crime’

    TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Friday denounced as a “war crime” the new Saudi-led air strikes on a fish market in Yemen’s western port city of Hudaydah, which killed about 40 people and injured many more.

  • نادر انتصار 2018-07-31 12:49

    By Payman Yazdani

    Forming alliance among PGCC member states is an illusory idea: Entessar

    TEHRAN - Professor of political science says the "Arab world" today is a patchwork of competing countries and forming an enduring alliance among the Arab states of the Persian Gulf is an illusory idea concocted by the U.S.

  •  Houthi oil tanker 2018-07-30 17:57

    By Dr. James M. Dorsey 

    Saudi oil shipment halt: A potential watershed in the Yemen war

    A spike in oil prices as a result of a temporary halt in shipments through the strategic Bab el Mandeb strait may be short-lived, but the impact on Yemen’s three-year-old forgotten war is likely to put the devastating conflict on the front burner.

  • Yemen war: swamp for Saudi and UAE 2018-07-11 09:43

    By Farzad Farhadi

    Yemen war: swamp for Saudi and UAE economy

    TEHRAN - The war the Saudi-UAE-U.S. coalition launched on March 26, 2015, against Yemen has not achieved its goals. In addition to the casualties of its forces and its mercenaries, the war costs the UAE about $ 1.3 billion per month or $16 billion a year. This war has increased its impact on the UAE, its economy and its manpower more than ever.

  • ballistic missile 2018-07-09 11:31

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    Saudis dread Yemen’s underground ballistic missiles

    TEHRAN - Three years and counting since the Yemen War begun, Yemen unveiled underground rocket platforms that has put Riyadh in absolute terror.

  • ‘I hope Saudis won’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran’ 2018-07-05 12:14

    ‘I hope Saudis won’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran’

    TEHRAN – Chief of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee has pointed to the recently broadcasted images of the Yemeni underground launch pads used for retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, saying “I hope they [Saudis] don’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran.”

  • yemen 2018-07-04 16:09

    Saudi air raid on wedding party in Yemen is a ‘war crime’: Iran

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday that the Saudi-led airstrike on a wedding ceremony in Yemen which left 11 people killed is an instance of “war crime”.

  • Yemen 2018-07-04 11:47

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Yemeni missile power surprising aggressors

    The Rocketry Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees on Friday said that it produced new, domestically-manufactured ballistic missiles that were made by Yemeni experts. It claimed that a new experiment, on a short-range ballistic missile, was done successfully.

  • Reuters 2018-07-04 09:37

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Reuters’ tales these days

    This is Reuters. Just like Fox News, and even the BBC, it has not a long history of distorting news about Iran to tarnish the country’s image. It is no easy task to bring down this news agency for spreading false news. But how long should the bias and distorted news go on?

  • IRGC chief: ‘Arab Jahiliyyah coalition’ facing defeat in Yemen 2018-07-02 21:28

    IRGC chief: ‘Arab Jahiliyyah coalition’ facing defeat in Yemen

    TEHRAN – Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Monday that the “Arab Jahiliyyah coalition” is facing “defeat” and “disgrace” in Yemen.

  • Yemen 2018-07-02 12:03

    By Farzad Farhadi

    Exploring the role of resistance media in the battle of Al-Hudaydah

    TEHRAN - The role of media is greatest during military wars, but this doesn’t mean the mass media plays any lesser role other times. The nature of media warfare seems soft; though it has destructive impact so much so that even the citizens of the countries involved in the war won’t realize the effect of that war on their mind and spirit.

  • Mike Pompeo 2018-07-01 12:02

    By M.A. Saki

    Blaming Iran for the sufferings of Yemenis is laughable

    Mike Pompeo, the U.S. secretary of states, claimed on June 28 that Iran is “prolonging suffering of the Yemeni people” by supporting Houthi rebels.

  • Al Hudaydah 2018-07-01 11:56

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    Al Hudaydah: the last piece of UAE expansion aims in Yemen

    TEHRAN - Despite differences with Saudi Arabia over the past years regarding Yemen, the United Arab Emirates has still been cooperative with the Saudis in the war against the poorest Arab state.

  • Iranian general hails Pakistan for not joining anti-Yemen coalition 2018-06-30 21:10

    Iranian general hails Pakistan for not joining anti-Yemen coalition

    TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps deputy chief on Saturday commended Pakistan’s “wise” and “brave” decision not to join the anti-Yemen coalition led by Saudi Arabia, Mehr reported.

  • اینفومهر گفتگوی تفصیلی مهر با سخنگوی وزارت خارجه 2018-06-29 21:16

    Iran: Saudi Arabia and U.S. must be held accountable for human tragedy in Yemen

    Iran on Friday hit back at U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his latest comments about the Islamic Republic's role in the Middle East, saying countries such as Saudi Arabia which have waged war on Yemen with a support by the U.S. must be held accountable for human tragedy in Yemen.

  • Netanyahu 2018-06-28 13:21

    By Ramin Hussein Abadian

    Netanyahu’s childish game against Iran

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making desperate attempts to distract the public from his corruptions, a tool used way too many times.

  • Kharrazi: France’s involvement in Yemen war ‘regrettable’ 2018-06-28 12:39

    Kharrazi: France’s involvement in Yemen war ‘regrettable’

    TEHRAN – Kamal Kharrazi, chief of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, has said that it is “regrettable” if it is proven that reports of France’s involvement in the attack on Yemen’s Al Hodeidah Port are true.

  • qassemi 2018-06-27 16:45

    Iran urges international bodies to stop Saudi ‘war crimes’ in Yemen

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Tuesday condemned an intensified bombardments of Yemeni people by the Saudi-led coalition and urged international bodies to stop the Saudi-UAE “war crimes” in Yemen.

  • Saudi Arabia 2018-06-27 11:01

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    “Power struggle” expanded between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi

    TEHRAN - In 2015, to restore dictatorial rule to Yemen as well as plunder the country's oil and gas and its natural wealth, Saudi Arabia created a coalition of some of its regional and transatlantic allies, targeting Yemen which is the poorest Arab state.

  • Trump - Bin Salman 2018-06-27 09:07

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Aggressors are at peak of weakness in full-scale war against Yemen

    TEHRAN - The Saudi-led coalition has launched an extensive operation to occupy the important and strategic port of Al-Hudaydah in Yemen. In this operation, the UAE plays a very important role. One of the goals of the country's participation in the three-year invasion on Yemen was for the sake of dominating the Yemeni ports in order to resolve its geopolitical weakness.

  • khoshroo 2018-06-26 21:28

    States behind Iranophobia seek to sell more arms in Middle East

    In an address to the UN Security Council on Monday, Iran’s ambassador to the UN condemned states which spread Iranophobia with the aim of selling more arms in the region, Mehr reported.