• The skyline of Yazd, a historical city in central Iran that embraces rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture. 2017-05-27 18:56

    UNESCO World Heritage Committee to put Yazd to vote in July

    TEHRAN – The ancient city of Yazd, central Iran, will be assessed as a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list during the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee, which will be held on July 2-12 in Krakow, Poland.

  • The ruins of Sassanid-era Bishapur Royal Palace in Fars province 2017-05-27 18:55

    UNESCO experts to assess Iran’s natural, historical sites

    TEHRAN – A delegation of the UNESCO World Heritage specialists is scheduled to travel to Iran in summer in order to assess Arasbaran Protected Area in the northeast and the Ensemble of Historical Sassanid Cities in the south of the country.

  • Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower in the foreground. The UNESCO-registered site is amongst key tourist attractions in Azerbaijan. 2017-05-27 18:53

    Azerbaijan offers facilities for Iranian tour operators

    TEHRAN – The Republic of Azerbaijan has offered facilities for Iranian tour operators in a bid to widen travel businesses in the northern neighbor.

  • A view of Naqsh-e Rustam in Fars province. Located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, the historical necropolis embraces rock-hewn royal tombs and bas-relief carvings associated with the Achaemenid 2017-05-25 22:37

    Fars province’s foreign tourist arrivals rise 42% y/y

    TEHRAN – Fars province attracted over 165,000 foreign tourists in the first two months of the current calendar year (March 21 – May 21), up 42 percent from a year earlier, the provincial tourism chief announced on Monday.

  • A Westerner couple pose for a photo at the UNESCO-registered Imam Square in Isfahan on November 9, 2016. The Safavid-era Ali Qapu Palace in seen in the background. 2017-05-25 14:17

    Isfahan marks monthly record for tourist visits

    Isfahan province hosted 123,000 foreign tourists in Ordibehesht - the second Iranian calendar month (April 21 – May 21) - the provincial tourism chief Rasoul Zargarpour said on Tuesday.

  • Tourists walk through the Persepolis archeological site in southern Iran. It was a ceremonial capital of Persian Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC). 2017-05-22 20:31

    Travelers find absolute bargains whilst trekking in Iran

    TEHRAN – Iran is extraordinarily easy on the wallet since travel costs including the ones for food, accommodation and transportation are fairly low.

  • Travelers pose for a photo with a picturesque landscape of Iran’s Kurdistan province in the background. 2017-05-22 19:36

    Biological diversity vast potential for tourism thrive, job creation: expert

    TEHRAN – Iran’s considerable wealth of biological diversity and changing landscapes provide local communities with high potentials for creating jobs through attracting more travelers, an expert affiliated with the Department of Environment says.

  • ICCROM Director-General Stefano De Caro (L) talks to Iran’s tourism chief Zahra Ahmadipour in Tehran, May 3, 2017. 2017-05-21 09:30

    Iran strengthens commitment to cultural heritage, ICCROM says

    TEHRAN – Iran reaffirms deeper commitment to preserving its cultural heritage as the country extends restorations projects to beyond its borderlines, the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) announced on its website on May 18.

  • An undated picture released by Fars news agency shows a clergyman offering cookies to foreign travelers in the 17th-centuy Imam Mosque of Isfahan. 2017-05-20 17:04

    Iran lures more travelers from Spain

    TEHRAN – The visit of Spaniards to Iran has raised by more than double over the past four years, an official with the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts organization says.

  • A man fills his sacks with damask roses he picks on the outskirts of Kashan May 3, 2017. 2017-05-17 19:52

    Rosewater festivals take center stage in central Iran

    TEHRAN - Each spring rosewater distillation ceremonies, known as Golab-giri, take center stage in central Iran, drawing tens of thousands of visitors to the city of Kashan and its neighboring towns and villages from early May to mid-June.

  • An exterior view of the National Museum of Iran in downtown Tehran 2017-05-17 19:28

    Tehran exhibit features rarely-seen historical relics

    TEHRAN – The National Museum of Iran has put on show a rarely-seen collection of its treasure trove in a month-long exhibit that opened to the public on Wednesday.

  • An undated photo shows foreign travelers at Tavasolian eco-lodge in Natanz, Ishafan province 2017-05-17 18:06

    Tourism body pushes for quality as eco-lodges thriving across Iran

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization is stepping up efforts to improve the quality of countrywide eco-lodges that have been on the rise over the past couple of years.

  • A view of the UNESCO-inscribed historical bazaar in Tabriz 2017-05-14 09:27

    Museum of bazaar and occupations opens in Tabriz

    TEHRAN – A three-story museum complex dedicated to traditional bazaar (marketplace) of Tabriz and its associated occupations has opened its doors to the public in the northwestern Iranian city.

  • New rates set for eco-lodges in Iran 2017-05-13 18:44

    New rates set for eco-lodges in Iran

    TEHRAN – The Association of Eco-lodges in conjunction with the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization has fixed new rates for eco-lodges that are scattered across the country.

  • UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai addresses the 105th UNWTO Executive Council in Madrid, Spain on May 12, 2017. 2017-05-13 18:44

    Spain willing to invest in Iran’s tourism infrastructure

    TEHRAN – Spain is willing to invest in tourism and hospitality infrastructures across Iran, IRNA quoted Matilde Pastora Asian Gonzalez, Secretary of State for Tourism of Spain, as saying on Friday.

  • ‘ECO puts tourism boost atop agenda’ 2017-05-12 18:00

    ‘ECO puts tourism boost atop agenda’

    TEHRAN – The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has placed a high priority on the expansion of tourism industry amongst the member states, the visiting ECO deputy secretary-general Ahsan Ali Mangi said on Wednesday.

  • A poster for the Second Iranian Woman Tourism Rally 2017-05-10 17:23

    All-women tourism rally flags off in Tehran

    TEHRAN – The first leg of an all-women tourism rally kicked off early on Wednesday during an official ceremony which was held at the foot of Azadi Tower in western Tehran.

  • People visit the 14th-centuruy Mausoleum of Oljaytu, a UNESCO site located in Soltaniyeh, Zanjan province 2017-05-08 21:26

    Mausoleum of Oljaytu reveals 14th-century Persian architecture

    TEHRAN – A UNESCO World Heritage site, the 14th-century Mausoleum of Oljaytu is highly recognized as an architectural masterpiece particularly due to its innovative double-shelled dome and elaborate interior decoration.

  • A view of Malham Darreh, a touristic village in the northwestern Hamadan province 2017-05-08 18:16

    Ecotourism growth suggests solution for village-city migration

    TEHRAN – The expansion of ecotourism contributes to regional development while lessens irregular migration from rural areas to major cities, a top tourism official has said.

  • ICCROM Director-General Stefano De Caro (L) speaks with CHTHO Director Zahra Ahmadipour during a meeting in Tehran, May 3, 2017. 2017-05-06 20:30

    ICCROM expertise to help Iran preserve historical sites

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization aims to cement collaboration with the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), in a bid to accelerate preservation of numerous historical sites scattered across the country.

  • An undated photo depicts a man snapping photos at the picturesque Chahkooh Canyon on Qeshm Island. 2017-05-06 20:15

    Iran’s Qeshm Island becomes UNESCO Global Geopark

    TEHRAN – The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has registered Iran’s southern Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf on its Global Geoparks list.

  • Khalid Nabi shrine merges faith with beauty 2017-05-06 16:10

    Khalid Nabi shrine merges faith with beauty

    A photo collection depicts the shrine of Khalid Nabi and its scenic peaceful surroundings in Golestan province near the border with Turkmenistan, April 29, 2017. Every year thousands of pilgrims and travelers come to visit the shrine that is surmounted by a tiny cone-shaped dome atop a greenish pick. The shrine is adjacent to an ancient cemetery of the same name, itself a source of charm for the northeastern land. The cemetery has been inscribed on the national heritage list by the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization. AFM/MG Tehran Times/ Aboutaleb Nadri

  • Iranian tourism official Mohammadreza Pouyandeh (L) shakes hands with Spanish Paradores official Juan Carlos Sanchez Gavez in Tehran on May 1, 2017. Spanish Ambassador Eduardo Lopez Busquets is seen i 2017-05-05 12:22

    Spanish company to put extra sparkle to Iranian heritage sites

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Revitalization and Utilization Fund for Historical Places has inked a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish hospitality company Paradores in a bid to refurbish some historical structures across Iran and repurpose them into lodging facilities.

  • Nomadic carpets, textile in limelight at Tehran exhibit 2017-05-05 12:21

    Nomadic carpets, textile in limelight at Tehran exhibit

    TEHRAN – A vast variety of handwoven rugs, carpets, and textile designs by Iranian nomads have been put on show at Imam Khomeini Mosalla in Tehran.

  • CHTHO Director Zahra Ahmadipour presents a gift to Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra, Colombia’s accredited ambassador to Tehran, on May 2, 2017. 2017-05-04 11:52

    Iran, Colombia move to deepen tourism, handicrafts ties

    TEHRAN – Iran’s tourism chief and Colombia’s accredited ambassador to Tehran have welcomed further cooperation in the arenas of tourism, cultural heritage, and handicrafts, IRNA reported.

  • An undated photo depicts people visiting the UNESCO-inscribed Imam Square in Isfahan, central Iran. The 17th-century square is bordered on all sides by monumental buildings linked by a series of two-s 2017-05-02 09:13

    Isfahan’s foreign tourist arrivals break 40-year-record

    TEHRAN – Some 85 thousand foreign travelers visited Isfahan during the first Iranian month of Farvardin (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20), setting a new record for the past 40 years, Isfahan Governor General says.

  • A poster for Tourism Investment Conference of Semnan Province 2017-05-02 09:12

    Semnan conference aims to spur investment in tourism

    TEHRAN – The Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department of Semnan province, north-central Iran, will host a tourism investment conference on May 4.

  • A poster for the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival 2017-05-01 18:59

    12 countries to attend Zanjan gastronomy festival

    TEHRAN – The historical city of Zanjan, northwestern Iran, will play host to the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival with the theme of “Together for Sustainable Tourism” from May 10 to 12. ECO stands for Economic Cooperation Organization.

  • A cluster of pilgrims walk in a scenic mountainous route that leads to the shrine of Khalid Nabi in Golestan province near the border with Turkmenistan, April 29, 2017. 2017-05-01 09:22

    Khalid Nabi shrine where faith and beauty meet

    A cluster of pilgrims walk in a scenic mountainous route that leads to the shrine of Khalid Nabi in Golestan province near the border with Turkmenistan, April 29, 2017. The modest shrine, surmounted by a tiny cone-shaped dome, is seen in the foreground atop a greenish pick.

  • An undated photo depicts travelers walking across the scenic Shahdad Desert in Kerman province. 2017-04-29 18:38

    Sharp rise in foreign tourist visits to Kerman province

    TEHRAN - The number of foreign tourists traveling to the southeastern province of Kerman has raised five times over the past four years, a provincial tourism official said on Saturday.