Zoroastrians' Pir-e Sabz Congregation Concludes

June 21, 1998 - 0:0
PIR-E-SABZ ZOROASTRIAN SHRINE, Yazd Province Despite the World Cup 1998, the annual pilgrimage at the Pir-e-Sabz, the holiest shrine of the Zoroastrians, was performed this year by thousands of the followers from all over the world mainly from Iran, India and Pakistan. The congregation which opened here on June 14 remained in progress for five days with the recitation of Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrians, at the time of prayers, five times a day.

The congregation prayers were also held every day and the Avesta was interpreted and explained to the folowers in simple language. A book fair and a photo exhibition was also organized at the Pir-e-Sabz congregation and a religious ceremony, Gahanbar, was held to pay homage to the Zoroastrian martyrs of the Iraqi imposed war. Out of a total of 120,000 Zoroastrians living in Iran, 14 Zoroastrians lost their lives in the service of their homeland.

The holy shrine of the Zoroastrians is located in the heart of a deseart in Yazd province, where on a cliff drops of crystal clear and sweet water fall from a stone providing enough water for the pilgrims. It is for this reason the holy shrine is known as Pir-e Sabz-e Chack-Chackoo meaning the green shrine that trickles. Besides India, Pakistan, the United States, England, Germany and other parts of the world, the Zoroastrians live in different cities of Iran including Yazd, Tehran, Kerman, Shiraz and Isfahan. It is believed by some that Neekbanu, the daughter of the Iranian king 'Yazdgird' was given refuge at this holy shrine.