Water Level in Reservoirs Down by 3b Cubic Meters

July 5, 1999 - 0:0
RASHT, Gilan Prov. Country's water reservoirs have dropped by three billion cubic meters compared to that of last year, announced the Deputy Energy Minister for Water Affairs, Rasoul Zargar said here Saturday. According to Zargar, water stored in the 25 dams throughout the country stands at 11 billion cubic meters compared to last year's 14 billion cubic meters. The scant rainfall in the current year is the main reason behind the water shortage, he said adding, the total rainfall in the current year shows a 40 percent decrease as compared to that of the previous year.

Average precipitation during the period March to June this year declined by 26 percent and amounted to 290 billion cubic meters, the lowest in the past 30 years. Average rainfall during October 98 and April 99, compared to that of the previous year, has fallen by 26 percent country-wide and 32 percent in the Caspian basin. Increasing evaporation and consumption, the warming by 1-1.5 degree, improper distribution of rainfalls and decreasing underground water reserves are among other reasons causing water crisis in the country.

Critical decrease is evident in underground water resources, he said warning that situation in Gilan is more critical than other place in the country. In the face of a severe country-wide drought and limited fresh water resources, Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf issued a message here two weeks ago calling on ministries and government institutions to make optimal use of water. Bitaraf said in his message that it is inevitable for the administrative and government organizations to observe the minimum standard of water consumption which is 30 liters per capita daily.

He further invited farmers and gardeners to use drip irrigation system in order to minimize water waste. (IRNA)