Hasht-Behesht Palace

October 31, 1998 - 0:0
Part 19 ----The historical Hasht-Behesht Palace in Isfahan dates back to the Safavid reign. It is located in the beautiful and well-known Chahar-Baq Street. According to some historians, there was a huge garden in front of the palace in the past. The building of Hasht-Behesht Palace was constructed at the time of Shah Soleiman. In addition to its beautiful architecture, the marble stones, paintings and tiles used in Hasht-Behesht add to the beauty of this historical monument.

The two-storey building of the palace comprises different rooms allocated to the royal family and their servants. The balconies of the palace have been decorated with golden paintings. Hasht-Behesht Palace, is one of Iran's main tourist attractions and there are so many manuscripts about the glory and beauty of Hasht-Behesht Palace. The walls of the unique palace have been infused with pictures of birds and colored tiles.

The mirror works by skilful Iranian artists is another significant characteristic of Hasht-Behesht Palace.