Tehran gallery hangs paintings inspired by Hafez poems

October 23, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Sarv-e Yasin artistic group will hold a painting exhibit inspired by Hafez’s “Saqi Nama” (Ode to the Cupbearer) at the Kamaleddin Behzad Gallery.

The exhibit is the sixth showcase by the group and the fourth in the series “Art for Self-examination”. The previous showcases were based on stories from the poems of Farid od-Din Attar (1142-1220) and “Golshan-e Raz” (The Secret Rose Garden) by the Sufi poet Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari’s (1288 – 1340).
“The exhibit is a result of several hours of discussion and interpretation of ‘Saqi Nama’ among group members,” mentions the exhibit’s catalogue.
Also included is that although group members do not claim professional expertise in art, they have attempted to discover truth via the words of the great literati.
Morshed Mohsen Mirzaali will perform Pardeh-Khani, a kind of Naqqali during which a morshed (mentor) stages the tragic stories of Muslim leaders, especially the Imams of the Shia, on November 6 and 13. The design is by Ahmadreza Azarbaijani (Azar).
Ahmadreza Azarbaijani (Azar), Razieh Mohammad-Hosseini, Tayyebeh Qasemi, Farahnaz Fardi, Tahmineh Amirian, Mehdi Taqizadeh, Zohreh Keshavarz, Zahra Fallah-Chizeh, Narges Sadeqi, Zahra Sheikh, Reyhaneh Abbasabadi, Hamed Davatgar, Javad Bahrami and Hassan Za’fari are members.
The exhibit will be held from November 6 to 16 at the gallery located on Shanzdah-e Azar St. at the intersection with Keshavarz Blvd.