Dye and...die?

April 7, 2011 - 0:0
Hair dye is linked to leukemia. Hair dyes have chemicals that cause cancer. This isn't necessarily something to get all upset about—there are a whole lot of chemicals that can cause cancer, and they're all around. But some studies have suggested a link between using hair dye and getting cancer. A group of epidemiologists at the University of Illinois and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences looked for a link between hair dyes and leukemia. What the researchers wanted to know: What part do hair dyes play in the risk of leukemia? What they found: People who'd ever used permanent hair dye had a 50 percent higher risk of leukemia. Risk increased if they'd started using hair dye before 1980—earlier dyes may have been more carcinogenic (or it could just be that people who started dying their hair more recently hadn't gotten enough exposure yet to increase their cancer risk). Using the dye for a long time increased the risk. There was no relationship between temporary hair dyes and leukemia risk. (Source: Health.usnews)