Chista Yasrebi’s telefilm spotlights superstition in Pakistan

April 10, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian playwright and stage director Chista Yasrebi is trying her hand at making a telefilm, which focuses on superstition in Pakistan.

Entitled “Marriage on Water”, the telefilm narrates the events happening on the first night of the marriage of a Pakistani man and woman with two different religions. They both marry with all the problems they face along the way, but the region suffers a disastrous flood on the same night as their marriage, causing their family to blame their marriage as the main reason for the flood.
“Marriage on Water” is actually a feature inspired by several documentaries previously produced on this issue, Yasrebi told the Persian service of Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) on Saturday.
“Part of the shooting is over and the rest will be continued in Tehran, and the regions near Tafresh and Arak in Central Province,” she said.
“Two Iranian residents from Sistan-Baluchestan Province are playing the leading roles in the movie and the rest are local residents. My daughters Niyayesh (13) and Roshan (4) also appear in the movie. I have been teaching theater in Zahedan for years and am quite familiar with the local residents and that is why I preferred to make use of young talent from here.
“The actors were selected from Iran and the movie is being shot inside the country and on the border cities due to our limited personal budget.” she said.
The movie is being produced with funding by a joint investment by Yasrebi and a Pakistani friend of hers, she said, adding that it is to be aired on Pakistan’s national TV channel.
“The film, whose main theme is hope, peace and friendship, tries to narrate the religious differences in society, and intends to clarify that no nation or belief is to blame for causing natural disasters and its.”
Yasrebi further added that she is planning to broadcast her film on Iranian state television as well. “The film emphasizes that religion is for saving mankind and not for promoting differences.”
Photo: Chista Yasrebi delivers a speech during a ceremony held on January 31, 2011 to honor some Iranian media outlets focusing on the field of cinema. (Cinema Agency/Mohammad-Ali Golkhah)