Azerbaijani-Iranian economic ties have bright future: envoy

April 18, 2011 - 0:0

The economic ties between Azerbaijan and Iran have bright, hope-giving future, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Iran Javanshir Akhundov stated.

According to Akhundov, the aim of the presidents and officials of the two countries is to provide comprehensive development of links between Azerbaijan and Iran. Governmental officials of the two countries should work seriously in this direction, especially for extension of cooperation in the field of economy, he told IRNA in the northwestern city of Orumieh.
Researches are conducted to promote to the implementation of Iranian-Azerbaijan common projects in different fields; specialists of the two countries collaborate closely in this connection, the Ambassador said. ""Beyond any doubts, as a result of improvement of these researches, both countries’ companies operational in the fields of economy and production will make mutual investments and thereby, in accordance with the two Presidents’ will, there will be undertaken great steps for a future development"", the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Iran reported.
According to the Ambassador, there are problems in the field of transportation of cargoes between the two countries, something that hinders bilateral economic links. ""A lot of work needs to be done to simplify transportation of cargoes and provide appropriate services"", he said.
Laying a railway from Iranian province Ardebil to the Imishli region of Azerbaijan would contribute substantially to the elimination of barriers in the field of transportation of cargoes between the two countries, the Ambassador said. If this project is implemented great changes will occur in the field of economy. (Source: Trend News Agency)