Iranian documentarian focuses on Libyan revolution

April 18, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Reza Borji, Iranian filmmaker and photographer who is mostly known for his works on regional crises around the world, has now turned the spotlight on the Libyan revolution.

He plans to leave Iran for Libya this week to make a documentary about the revolution in that country, he told the Persian service of IRNA on Saturday.
“First, I will visit refugees’ camps to interview people who lost their homes during the war between Gaddfi forces and revolutionaries, then I will go to Bin Ghazi,” Borji said.
“In Bin Ghazi, I will take shots of people’s demonstrations and also conduct interviews with the protesters,” he added.
He was present at fourteen regional wars around the world to document the crises.
He began his career with making documentaries on the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. He also has a large archive of photos from the event.
Borji made “Seashores of Tears and Olives”, the 33-day resistance by Lebanese against the Israeli attacks in 2006.
His credits also include “Years of Bullets and Iris” and “Mothers of Srebrenica”, on war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and “Garnet of Badakhshan” on Afghan war.
Borji has made and taken photos of the wars in Iraq, Karabakh, and Kosovo, Chechnya as well as of the crises in Sudan, Somali, Kashmir and Ghana.
Photo: Iranian documentarian and photographer Reza Borji in an undated photo (ISNA/Morteza Farajabadi)