Iran to develop games based on TV series, films

April 20, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- The Iran National Foundation of Computer Games has plans to produce computer games based on the TV series “Mokhtarnameh” and the two films “The Kingdom of Solomon” and “The Maritime Silk Road”, secretary of the First Tehran Computer Game Festival Behruz Minaii said on Tuesday.

“Mokhtarnameh” by director Davud Mirbaqeri is about an uprising organized by Mokhtar Saqafi after the events of Ashura, the 10th of Muharram, to take revenge against the killers of Imam Hussein (AS), and is currently being broadcast on IRIB’s Channel 1 every Friday.
The big-budget “The Kingdom of Solomon” is produced by the Farabi Cinematic Foundation and features the life of Prophet Solomon (AS) based on narrations from the Holy Quran.
“The Maritime Silk Road” by Mohammad Bozorgnia is about a man called Soleiman Siraf who, according to historical documents, was the first sailor to cross the Indian Ocean to China. His route was later called the maritime Silk Road and many merchants took that route to ship their merchandise to China.
Milad Tower will be hosting the First Tehran Computer Game Festival running from April 28 to May 2 where Iranian producers will have an opportunity to show off their products, the Persian service of MNA reported on Tuesday.
In a press conference held here on Tuesday, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini and Minaii gave some details about the programs of the festival.
Over 40 computer games have been produced so far and they are in the ranking process, said the culture minister, who is hoping to discover more talent at the festival.
It is true that children are very interested in computer games and we need to seriously supervise their activities, he added.
Minaii also said that the festival is arranged to discover young talent to make desirable productions for children.
He added that judging will be over within the next week and people will have a chance to visit the exhibit during the festival.
The jury members include director of the Festivals’ Organization Mehdi Masudshahi, actor and director Rambod Javan, and computer game experts Babak Namazian, Shervin Ostadzadeh, and Mehdi Zanganeh.
Animators Bahram Azimi and Alireza Golpaygani, as well as experts Alireza Meraji, Amir Saharkhiz, and Farid Farkhondehkish will be judging the artistic section.
Photo: This combination photo shows posters of “The Kingdom of Solomon” (L), “The Maritime Silk Road” (C) and “Mokhtarnameh” (R).