Family therapy through classical homeopathy

April 30, 2011 - 0:0

Introduction: Family is considered the smallest and most important unit of human societies. Doubtless, the most powerful and successful societies have always been the healthiest ones and the weakest and the least successful the unhealthiest of all.

So if we try to promote all members of a family to choose homeopathy as their favorite method of treatment, we can be sure that a very important step has been taken towards making a healthy and successful society.
Of course it should start from our own family! Dr. Hahnemann is the first and the best model for us in this way.
After discovering the wonderful principle of similarity by taking China in his library, and learning the curative power of homeopathics, he continued proving more and more remedies on himself, his family, his friends and colleagues.
Thus he succeeded to prove about one hundred remedies during his fruitful life time.
What should our strategy be?
Family medicine may be considered one of the most serious aspects of classical homeopathy. When a child becomes restless, irritable, anxious, sad and sleepless for a while and is referred to you as a homeopathic physician or a homeopath, what is your first duty? Yes, first of all you do a nice friendly greeting with the child and his/her mom or dad.
Then you ask them about their child’s problem and take his/her case thoroughly. Some of our cases are reviewed here to confirm our opinion: Family Case No. 1) A 23 year old man was referred to us because of major depressive disorder (MDD) in June 2010.
His sadness had begun after being separated and divorced from his beloved wife. He would go to his own room, shut the door, smoke cigarettes and weep for many hours. Of the 20 symptoms which were taken, the following rubrics were selected:
1. MIND- CONCENTRATION- difficult 2. MIND- HYSTERIA 3. MIND- MOOD- changeable 4. MIND- LAUGHING 5. MIND- GRIEF 6. MIND-WEEPING- sobbing; weeping with
The first remedy turned out to be Ignatia. Since he was very sensitive and emotional, one globule of Ign. 30 c was prescribed and taken by him right away, at clinic.
In the first follow up visit after 2 weeks, his mental&emotional symptoms and chief complaint had improved notably. After him, his dad came to us. He was a retired man who has been irritable, nervous and smoked about 40 cigarettes a day. Nux-v. 30c was prescribed for him.
He felt more energetic after taking the remedy and started going for walks at night.
2) In the next visit, the young man brought his sister to be seen. She had been divorced too!
She was very reserved and sad suffering from loss of will and low self confidence and has been addicted to crack for a while.
She had become pessimistic and despairing, with an aversion towards religious and moral principles, whereas she had been brought up in a religious family.
Her symptoms were very much similar to her brother’s. She had been separated from her husband 8 years ago.
She had been affected by Diabetes Mellitus for about 4 years, as well. She had an eight year old daughter living with her, and had been neglected after the bitter occurrence of the divorce.
Ignatia 30 c was prescribed for her. Afterwards she became much kinder towards her sweet daughter to the point that they would say their prayers together!
3) A 34 year old woman came to our clinic in the autumn of 2009, along with her husband who was an architect. She had been suffering from severe headaches for four years and had no positive neurological symptoms.
Case taking was done which revealed very interesting symptoms. She had violent headache, very light sleep and was sensitive to all surrounding sounds. She was worse in warm weather and during warm bathing and dreamed of flying.
She was very attached to her flying dreams. She said” Doctor, would you please cure all my symptoms, but don’t take away my flying in my dreams?!!”
One coffee spoonful of Apis 30c was prescribed. She experienced an aggravation of the headache for two nights, but its intensity started to decrease and disappear till the end of the week.
My wife suggested that her husband be seen also. He accepted and his case was taken. He had been suffering from jealousy, loquacity, fear of snakes and was also suspicious of other people. He used to reproach his wife for being less educated than him.
He had an active memory. Lachesis mutus 30c was prescribed for him. He took the remedy and after 4 weeks felt much better than before.
Their relationship improved after receiving the remedies. Both husband and wife improved very much and family therapy proved to be much more effective than treatment of just one member of the family.
Genetics should be considered in our curative family therapy plan:
One of the great men and religious leaders has a very interesting saying:
“Gentility is a very good genetic gift.” Children receive 50% of their genes from their dads and the other 50% from their moms.
It has been proven that some psychiatric disorders are inherited from parents or ancestors. In modern psychiatry, psychosis has been shown to be caused by three main factors: 1- Genetics 2- Biologic impairments 3- Social factors.
The main causes of mental disorders are complex and interactive and vary according to the particular disorder and individual.
Genetics, early childhood period, drugs, loss of a family member, disease or injury, neurocognitive and psychological mechanisms, life experiences, society and culture can all contribute to the development or progression of different mental disorders.
Conclusion: Homeopaths can help whole families through classical homeopathy, effectively. We have treated more than 10 families and a total number of more than 50 persons using homeopathic remedies.
Mental disorders need thorough analysis and treatment is better to be considered for family members.
Mrs.Fahimeh Mahdavi contributed to the article.