Iranian Festival of University Theater opens in Tehran 

May 15, 2016 - 19:3

TEHRAN – The 19th International Iranian Festival of University Theater was inaugurated at several theaters in Tehran on Saturday.

The City Theater Complex, Iranian Artists Forum, the Molavi Hall and several more will be hosting stage performances, reading performances and workshops during the event running until May 28.

“Cédric Andrieux” by French choreographer Jérôme Bel , “Landscape Portrait” by Julyen Hamilton and “Absence and Presence” by Andrew Dawson both from Britain are among the international plays to go on stage during the event.

Also included are “Haj Esmal” by Mostafa Lalian, “Nurse of Time” by Mahsa Nemati, “Kitchen” by Mohammadreza Raadmand and “Civil Life” by Mahla Arab Faridi all from Iran.

Italian theater expert and choreographer Claudia Castellucci and Icelandic theater expert and choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir are scheduled to hold workshops on the sidelines of the festival. Theater movement techniques are the focus of the workshops.

Sigfúsdóttir will also stage her highly-acclaimed play “The Lover” at the festival on May 19. The play made in collaboration with artist Noémie Goudal is about the complex relationship between humans and nature.

Moreover, the Iranian Artists Forum hosted the opening ceremony for the exhibition of posters and photos, displaying a selection of photos and posters of plays performed in previous edition of the festival.

The opening ceremony on Saturday was attended by the artistic director of the poster category, Hamid Jebelli, and Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology in cultural affairs Fazlollah Iraji.

“The posters displayed might get a chance to be shown in several other countries as it is an international festival,” Mehdi Ashena, the secretary of the poster category said at the opening ceremony.

He added that Iraji has promised to help publish a book of the posters and photos, and also hold talks to hold the exhibition in several other countries such as Russia, France and Bosnia.

He also added that the organizers plan to add photos and posters of the foreign plays in the next edition of the festival next year. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology every year.

Photo: “Absence and Presence” by Andrew Dawson