New dialysis machine gives diabetics in Iran hope for more life

May 18, 2016

TEHRAN — People suffering from diabetes would get a chance to live longer once the newly imported 5008 dialysis machine becomes operational, an official with Iran’s Red Crescent Society (IRCS) said.

“The new machine would increase the patients’ life span by 40 percent,” Javad Fallah said during the unveiling ceremony of the 5008 dialysis machine in the 19th International Iran Health Exhibition which was held on May 15 to 18 in Tehran.

Emphasizing the minimal cost difference between the newly imported machine and the previous models Fallah noted that the new technology utilized in this machine is a great improvement for the diabetic patients who are in a critical condition, YJC reported on Wednesday.

The 5008 dialysis machine also reduces the possibility of heart diseases which results in less occupied beds in hospitals with patients who have developed heart diseases because of diabetes, he highlighted.

Owing to the financial supports of the medical equipment organization of IRCS the 5008 dialysis machine is bought, he said, adding, currently 50 percent of the backup services for the dialysis machines in Iran are being provided with IRCS.

Medical equipment organization of IRCS is also quite determined to manufacture hemodialysis products domestically for the next year.